May 2, 2010

Patterns: Two different kind of faces

Two patterns today, first up is some more lovely work from September House, who has recently released a set of patterns called Wig Wonderful. This is my favourite one but I think the whole set would look great framed on a bedroom wall. I think faces can be hard to do in embroidery sometimes but these are just right.

Wig Wonderful Embroidery

And for this week's featured free pattern, I love this guy Roy G. Biv by Cate Anevski who has a wonderful blog called Bee's Knees Activities. Roy G. Biv is here on her site but also check out her 2009 embroidery patterns, I particularly love her November pattern 'Eat Me'.

Roy G. Biv


  1. I agree - faces are hard to embroider! I had to force myself to keep that one as basic as I possibly could - I think that is the key.
    Love Cate's patterns - especially the Space Boy! brilliant!

  2. Oi minha flor.
    Estou encantada com os seus bordados.

  3. Wow the lacy border on the face one is just precious!

  4. The first one looks like a broach! Love it!!

  5. This is adorable! Is the "wig" appliqued?

  6. Swooned over the first one.

  7. Hi everyone

    Becky - I think the wig is reverse appliqued, cool isn't it!

  8. I am in love with the first one!