May 20, 2010


hey, isn't this great?!

I think it is! There needs to be more stitched cars in the world.

I would also be very interested in seeing stitching ON cars - how cool would that be?


  1. Awesome! We had a VW as our family car when I was a kid, and I remember it fondly. :)

    As for stitching *on* cars: here ya go!

  2. Holy-moly - how did I miss that?!

    Thank you for the link! :-)

  3. Love it. Might have to do cars for the kid! He would love it. Diggers & trains would be even more loved but that would be rather up, unlikely!
    But actually, now that I think of it..... hmmm....

  4. Love it! I had a veedub bug too... in orange. I've been puzzling over what image to put on a pencil roll ordered by my son - has to be simple (can't do complex!!) and durable and boyish - VW it is then ;)

  5. how lovely!

    What about winning a great silk shawl?

  6. I love your stitchery. I have always loved Beetles. We had 3 of them and then graduated to a Rabbit when our son was born.

    I love the stitching, but what do you make with them when you are done? I need ideas. You can only have so many coin purses or pin cushions.

    any ideas?

  7. I have just stumbled across this site and LOVE it! VW beetles have been a long time obsession of mine and although I'm not quite there with my sewing machine yet, I am going to try (it might look like the car is made of wobbly jelly...)

    Anyway, if any of you lovely stitchers are interested, I am hosting The Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap in celebration of just having discovered the wonderful world of stitching. You have until Wednesday to sign up - we have people from three continents already, and this is a great chance to make something small and lovely, and then get something equally lovely drop through your door

    Hope to see you there!