June 9, 2010

Are you ready for some winners?

Maybe you're itching to find out who the winners are for the Rainbow of Stitches Contest?

No? Ok, I guess we won't tell you then...

What? You do want to know? Oh, okay then! :)

What's that I hear? You want to know them all right now? Well, we're going to reveal 2 a day for the next 5 days, so you'll just have to keep checking back here!

How about I introduce our esteemed panel of Mystery Judges while you wait? :)

The Judges
Red: Kirsty
Orange: Carina
Yellow: Sam
Green: Nicole
Blue: Beefranck
Violet: Jenny Hart
Pink: Pam (Kittykill)
White: John
Black: Jo
Surprise Rainbow Category: floresita

That's right, we'll be introducing you to 10 different category winners over the next 5 days, at the end of which, you will all get to vote for the Grand Prize winner who'll receive the Rainbow of Stitches book and a complete set of DMC floss (454 colors!) Ready?


  1. Seriously excited! No, I CAN'T wait!

  2. GAH! I can't wait to see! There was just so much awesome stuff to choose from. I don't envy the judges... ;)

  3. oh i hope 2 winners get announced today ;)

  4. This really was such a wonderful idea! There should be more such contests! They help inspire to create!