June 9, 2010

Red Category Winner - Rainbow of Stitches Contest

The winner of the red category is Cath from Chunky Chooky.

Describe yourself in 10 words or less.
Optimistic, opinionated, craft- obsessed, vertically gifted, tea lovin', mum, wife.

What inspired your entry?

What I love about embroidery is the most basic of shapes can look amazing just filled in with a few different colours. I wanted a simple shape to fill in that would look good hung on my wall. As soon as I saw the deer silhouette I knew I had to stitch it.

What is your favourite stitch?
Its a toss up between backstitch and long & short stitch

Who or what inspires you to stitch?
I have always wanted to stitch... but wandering around the local craft shop with the Winne the Pooh / teddy inspired stitching...it made me gag ... when I stumbled across Sublime Stitching and Subversive Cross Stitch I thought FINALLY!!! Something I want to stitch! I bought a few patterns and books and set to work.

How long have you been stitching and how did you get started?
I have been doing embroidery for about 6 months. I am still learning and I am constantly emailing stitchy bloggers/ flickr contacts with questions... they have all been so helpful. I got started with a Sublime Stitching iron on transfer...

Are there any stitchers in the Feeling Stitchy Flickr pool you have noticed?
Lovin" Goodgorilla and jammysage

Thanks so much for choosing me as a finalist!

- - - - - - - -
The red category was hotly contested. There were a huge number of entries & the competition was fierce.

There's a gallery of red stitchery here which Cath's deer was selected from. I think that they all deserve an honorable mention.

Well done Cath - your piece is beautiful.


  1. Congrats! Your work looks great! Only 6months? Looking forward to seeing where embroidery takes you.

  2. congrats! and i agree, amazing work for someone new to embroidery.

  3. BRAVO Cath!!! A well deserving winner.

  4. Congrats! I love the use of red in this pieces!

  5. Yes, that's a nice piece. Well done, you!

  6. yey cath! you won!
    and your work is amazing!

  7. Awesome, I love all of the different reds!

  8. beautiful work! wonderful pick!

  9. Really well done, congrats!

  10. Congrats Cath!! And I just want to say I LOVE how you describe yourself as vertically gifted. My daughter is tall for her age and she really struggles with it. This is a great way to describe it positively. ( I do hope that's what you meant with it :)

  11. Amazing! If this is where you are after six months I can't imagine where you will be in a few years!

  12. What an amazing and beautiful piece -- it's very hard to believe it was created by someone who has been embroidering for such a short time. I look forward to seeing your future work.

  13. even if I wasn't a sucker for anything deer related I would still love this piece...the color, the stitching, the bold graphic feel...it's awesome!

    congratulations :)