June 30, 2010

Beautiful Stitching

I am fascinated by bees. We would not have food without our bee friends. Another thing that I'm totally fascinated with are samplers. Maybe it's because I have no patience to do them or because they have a such a wonderful history. Whatever the reason, I adore this Bee sampler. My favorite part-the beekeeper.


  1. Wonderful!! I'm the same, I don't think I could have the patience to do a sampler... but then I've never tried! Maybe I could...

    I LOVE bees too! Especially fuzzy furry bumble bees! I have never stroked one, but I would like to if it would promise not to sting me.

    Joey x

  2. i agree... very stitch-worthy art you've got there!

  3. Lovely! Bees are the best :)