June 12, 2010

Black Category Winner - Rainbow of Stitches Contest

And the winner in the black category is . . .

Freehand Doodles - "Lookin' Good"

I love how this sweetie's eyes pop out of the fabric at you, she has such an expression-full face.

I had the opportunity to ask Jammy Sage some questions, here's what she said:

Describe yourself in 10 words or less.
m a lover of all things colorful, crafty and cool.

What inspired your entry?
I’ve always had a thing for bunnies -- they show up in all pieces of my work in one form or another, but I had never had an embroidery piece that I fell in love with right from the beginning. Until this one. I had been wanting to start a new series of art for my Etsy shop, and the “Feeling Stitchy” contest was the perfect opportunity to get my creative juices flowing!

What is your favourite stitch?
I have to say the basic Back Stitch. It is what I use for all of my embroidery outline pieces, as it allows me to perfectly follow my freehand-drawn doodles. I have also come to love the French knot immensely!

Who or what inspires you to stitch?
I think the “what” that inspires me to stitch would be boredom. Nothing occupies my bored mind better than embroidery! I will sometimes get inspired for a new doodle in the middle of the night and will jump up to draw it before I forget. When I have a new doodle to stitch, my hands are just itching to get started!

How long have you been stitching and how did you get started?
I learned the basics of stitching when I was young. Started off with counted cross stitch, but I found that it was harder for me to follow a set pattern and I would usually continue on making it up as I went, and seeing how it looked best, for me. I still have trouble following a pattern! I decided last year to gather up all of my embroidery notions and start stitching again. I think embroidery has now become a part of who I am and I’m loving it!

Are there any stitchers in the Feeling Stitchy Flickr pool you have noticed?
Most definitely! Just from this Rainbow Of Stitches contest alone, I have seen an amazing and inspiring amount of talent out there! I have completely fallen in love with every colorful and beautiful piece made by carlyandmelissa, the craziness and awesomeness that is davis.Jacque, the classic and spectacular cross-stitching by What Delilah Did, the fabric and floss combinations by Poppy And Lime, and about a billion others whose art and talent make me swoon every single day.

So many congratulations to Jammy Sage!

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  1. Congrats Jammy - I absolutely love this piece!

  2. Hiya and congratulations! You've drawn such a sweet little face, it looks great! Best of luck for the final!
    Best wishes
    Joey x

  3. Yaaay! well done jammy sage! I love it.

  4. I love the idea of the reverse fill -- it's such a great effect. I am getting so many new ideas from these entries that I hardly know where to begin. Thanks for the inspiration!