January 21, 2011

Antler-ed Bunny (and a bit about Embroidery Needles too)

the antler-ed bunny

What a wonderful fresh and cute design Katie has made. I especially love the abundance of running stitches and the different coloured French Knots on top of Bunny's Antlers!

Many thanks for all your kind comments in the Feeling Stitch Poll (see post below). It's a lot to take in for us but we hear you! There is still time to comment by the way.

Also, a couple of readers mentioned they were wondering about Embroidery Needles. For my own embroideries I generally prefer a needle that is quite sharp, not too large but with a big enough eye so you can thread it easily. A needle that is too blunt or big will leave holes in you fabric. An eye that is too small for the number of strands you use will damage your floss. Buy a pack with various sizes embroidery needles and try and see what works best for you. However... I saw this Needle Magnet (with Needles) on Sublime Stitching the other day and these look exactly like my kind of needle! If you want to know more about needles, there's was a wonderful guest  post written about Embroidery Needles a couple of years ago, you can find it here on our blog.


  1. Those stitching skills make me feel pathetic. Its just beautiful!

  2. I think this is called a jackelope in the business.

  3. So cute...not too different from ours...however he is a little more sinister!

  4. @the reluctant Crafster I know 'bunnies' like these are usually called Jackalopes, I have stitched one myself actually! However the artist called this an 'antler-ed' bunny , I liked that. And it is more 'bunny' than most jackalopes I have seen!

  5. Love the bunny. I've just been trying my hand at embroidery for the first time. Your stuff is beautiful x

  6. Cute feature! And thanks for the tips on needles, as well as the links. I'm one who requested that. :)