January 23, 2011

Patterns: Water Penny

Mushrooms Knitting

Mushrooms knitting by DanaK~WaterPenny

This very cute, free pattern of some knitting mushrooms (which you can download on the Water Penny blog here) got me into investigating some more of Dana's patterns in her Etsy shop and I totally fell in love with her repeating cast of characters of a unicorn, a cat and their various friends. I think her designs would be perfect for kids' rooms and those who are still happily young at heart. They prompted me to stitch this particular Water Penny pattern for my daughter.

I'm not cute

It was a very fun pattern to stitch, although as I was using a thinner white fabric than I usually use I really should have embroidered through two pieces of fabric instead of one, to stop those pesky black threads from showing through!


  1. I have a sudden urge to embroider a horse on thin white fabric, then embroider a horse skeleton on another piece of fabric and layer the things.

    I could even do more than just a skeleton! I could do muscles on one piece, and organs on another, and pile 'em all together!

  2. Now that would be seriously cool corvustristis!

  3. I love the mushrooms and I love the horse.

    Amazing- it made my tummy feel funny when I saw it!

    -Mama Wolf


  4. Yay :-) Mushrooms for the win :D Will you post a pattern maybe?? :-)

  5. Those mushroom babes are soooo cute!

  6. The mushrooms knitting are WAY too cute.

  7. You could always use some interfacing behind the horse to hide the dark threads. Love the horse and the mushrooms. Thank you

  8. I kind of like the black threads showing through. It gives the design an ethereal, flow-y feeling. :)