January 16, 2011

Got thread? Share it!

_DSC0212, originally uploaded by Fiber Addict.
Gosh, look at all that thread - it's enough to make you dribble a little bit on your keyboard, eh..?

I love embroidery thread and I love looking at pictures of it almost as much. So the logical thing to do was make a Flickr group to share pictures of embroidery thread.

If you have some pretty pictures of embroidery thread/floss, why not join the Embroidery Thread Lovers group?

It can be any kind of embroidery thread, crewel, satin, six-strand etc. As long as you took the picture it's all good.

Oh and, the thread in your photos doesn't have to be all organised and stuff - tangles are great too! ;-)


  1. What a fantastic idea. Loved the
    Flicker photos. I'm always wondering why other people's boxes of thread looks so much neater than mine ever does!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fabulous idea! It's so good to swoon over all the gorgeous colours! Sarah x

  3. That's definitely my favorite photo of my thread haul. I found 130 skeins at a thrift store, and that's after they've all been wound up. It took me ages to do, but I'm so glad I wound them!

  4. oh wowweee!! I just organized all my thread yesterday as a matter of fact! I got a new bigger bin and the little spools to store it all properly. I thought I had a lot but it's nothing compared to that picture!!

  5. Hi there!
    My group did a threads/yarn/ribbons exchange recently. You can have a look there:



    If you want to use any of these pictures, you are welcomed!

  6. The more floss the better! I created a group with a similar purpose about a year and a half ago too, check it out:


    The more floss, the merrier, right?