April 14, 2011

Wild Olive: Embroidery Basics

Color wheel
Photo by Mollie Johanson

I just stumbled across the most wonderful Embroidery Basics series over on Mollie Johanson's blog, Wild Olive.

So far she's featured a gorgeous array of pics and stitches, including:
Transferring a pattern
Choosing colors
Strands, sewing, stabbing, and starting
Running and back stitches - free pattern!

Her photos are just amazing, and she has the cutest little mascot ever:
Separating the strands
Photo by Mollie Johanson

If you haven't visited Embroidery Basics, you should run right over there and do so right now. I'm so inspired - thanks for creating such a wonderful series, Mollie!


  1. I just discovered this too, how great is it? I can't wait to have a go. x

  2. I refer back to Mollie's "Choosing Colors" before every new project now! It's an awesome tute. :)

  3. totally saving this! thanks :]