April 13, 2011

April Stitch Along...Going Along

It's week two of the April Stitch Along. I'm really excited about this pattern. There are so many things you can do with it. Here is my progress so far. I'm not worry with the black lines showing, once I get finished, the stabilizer will be washed away to reveal the picture.

I am SO excited to see what Katbaro has in store for her applique.

The Girl 83 is rocking the umbrella! Look at those stitches!

What are you doing with the pattern? Have you started yet?

Hi, I'm Pam - I've been a moderator for the Needlework boards on Craftster since 2004 and you can also see me in the Craftster Quickies video series.

I am a lover of all things vintage but I particularly have a fondness for vintage embroidery patterns, which I collect every chance I can get!


  1. Wow these are gorgeous! I haven't started ... hope by next April :) Thanks for sharing the beauty!!

  2. I've started :D Keeping it a surprise till it's done though. Such a cute pattern :D

  3. I've started, but shy! I altered the pattern a bit, so I want to make sure it all works out first.

  4. I haven't started yet, because I have no idea what to stitch it on! Better luck next round (April is an insane month for me anyway)

  5. I'm loving all of the varied ways this pattern has been interpretted! Waaay too busy to join in at this point, but I am loving watching what you're all doing!

  6. I've started but I'm so nervous showing anyone! I've never done one of these before. :)