April 20, 2011

April Stitch Along... It Keeps Going

I can't believe what a wonderful response we have had to Digital Misfit's pattern. I love to see all the different ways everyone is interpreting the pattern. One thing is for sure, we are a talented bunch of stitchy goodness!


  1. Hi!

    I'm so excited finding your blog and a few other ones about embroidery! I just picked up embroidery and I'm loving it! I love the idea of how i can turn my doodles into pretty stitches!

    Keep blogging! I will be reading!

  2. How adorable! Will there be a May stitch-along?

  3. Hey!

    This is unrelated to this post so sorry to comment in the wrong place - however, I stumbled across a post you put up here from a couple years back or so when I was researching for a project I am working on, in the post you had asked if people had any funny/inappropriate embroidery work they had done. In response, I had to send a link to a company I love that you may already know about, but regardless! A nod to a post from the past and get some giggles in checking this out:


    Love the blog! Keep it up!! xxox

  4. I'm loving the stitch along idea you've started. I was a lurking observer on the first few and finally picked up needle and thread for this one. I can't wait to see what May brings! :)

    Finally posted my attempt here (still working on it!) http://stop-drop-roll-rachel.blogspot.com/2011/04/learning-to-dance-in-rain.html