April 28, 2011

April Showers

The month is winding down and we are saying farewell to our April Stitch Along. I absolutely love that people took this wonderful pattern and made it their own. A big thanks again to Digital Misfit for drawing this up and a big sloppy kiss to everyone who participated!

This is my finished project. I decided to make the raindrops in different colors.

This is hiphomebody's piece. She says she is new to stitching but I think she's a natural!

I love that Little Red Emo Hood made an apron. How clever!

I love the braid! Just perfect SewingByStephanie!

Awesome Tinting by Terrildorr.

Wonderful tinting by Troublet42. The puddle is so perfect.


  1. Each is beautiful in its own way! So inspiring! Thank you!

  2. How do you get that light filled in look? I'm new to stitching and just love this site.

  3. Anonymous, do you mean as in the filler color in the bottom hoop? That technique is called Crayon Tinting and it is super easy. :)

  4. I love seeing all the different interpretations! They are all gorgeous! Great work! :) Beth

  5. I love seeing everyone's individual creativity. I'm new to stitching and can hardly wait to join in the next stitch along!!

  6. I have the stupidest of questions and i hope you will bear with me, since I am new to this - I tried to print the pattern, but it is too small. How do I enlarge it to fit on a T - shirt?

  7. eljay - did you print the large version of the pattern? Go to the original April Stitchalong post (link below) and click on the pattern image, it links to the large version of the image. You should be able to then click that large version to see the very large proper size. Download that and print. Hope that helps! :-)

    April Stitchalong:

  8. PS - here's the direct link to the large version:

    Copy and paste into your browser and off you go. :-)

  9. Can't believe I'm seeing mine here! I really am so new to this and everybody here is so amazing. This was fun, can't wait for the next!

  10. EEGADS!!!! I must have missed the post with the April giveaway info! These are so cute! Such fantastic creativity :D I'll keep my eyes open wider for May's stitch along! Can't wait!!! Happy Monday!!!

  11. They look so great!
    I still have her sitting in my to-do pile...oops. It's still rainy here - perhaps I will still get to her b4 the rain goes away :)