October 1, 2011

Here Comes Halloween!

Halloween Ride
Photo and Pattern by Flossbox

Looking at the pool and seeing all the entries for our September Stitchalong has really gotten me into the Halloween spirit. Also, this awesome cross stitch by Flossbox, of course. :)

Looking for something quick and fun and free to stitch (assuming you've already done our Stitchalong pattern by Cathy Gaubert, of course)?

Here's a few of my free faves:

Creepy Pumpkin Girl: Finished!
Free pattern by Badbird, stitched by onetomatotwo

Free pattern by Annie Oakleaves, stitched by yours truly

Creepy Critters Preview
Free pattern by The The Treacys


  1. Seeing these this morning, made my day!!

  2. love these patterns, especially the pumpkin girl ~ got to stitch it for my d-i-l, she will love it!
    Thanks so much for posting!

  3. these are so cute! makes me want to get some thread and try and stitch them...but I doubt they would be as sweet as your...more like "what is that supposed to be" LOL.....have a great weekend

  4. Yay! Fun to stumble across my pumpkin girl on your blog this morning. :)

    Meanwhile... this reminds me that I need to actually finish this -- the embroidery is done, but I've got to make something with her. I can't believe it's been *3* years and she's still in the hoop! This is her year. Definitely.

  5. I like the pun'kin head! I need to finish my other projects so I can stitch.


  6. That cross stitch is just to die for. Thanks for the Halloween pattern role call. These all look so fun!

  7. These are soooo cute! I love them.