October 15, 2011

September Stitch-along | The wrap-up!

With only a little over two weeks left before the big, spooky day, we wanted to wrap up our September stitch-along by showcasing some of the amazing finished products that can be found in our Flickr group. We hope that everyone stitching along enjoyed this fun Halloween project, and that everyone who didn't get a chance to embroider their own pieces were still able to draw some Halloween inspiration from our posts.

(Don't forget: you can still find the pattern in our kick-off post!)

First up, the finished piece by the pattern artist herself, Cathy Gaubert! A felt ghost? Black & white stripey tights on the cat? The cuteness is almost too much to bear!

halloween trio

We're loving this little mini quilt by Flickr user suesueb, who machine quilted a little label right on the front of the piece!


Here's another beautiful little mini quilt made by Marianne Penner (~maripen on Flickr). See the second picture for more detail of Marianne's awesome quilting.

Spooky Wallhanging

Spooky Closeup of Stitching

The pattern looks fantastic framed in an oval hoop, as shown here in a piece stitched by Jana (megmormel on Flickr):

Feeling Stitchy

This finished piece is all hooped up and ready to be hung for the holidays, made by LindsayPindsay:

This embroidery on black fabric is especially effective. It almost looks like it's glowing! (by letscallitlove):


The only thing better for a Halloween stitchery than black fabric is orange fabric! Check out this mini quilt by simonedk:


Highlights of this next piece by Kristin (Sew Technicolor) include her use of metallic silver floss for the ghost and the inclusion of candy corn in place of the skulls on top of the posts:

FS September Stitch Along 1

And finally, here's a great finish by Melanie Jane (mj ...), including a super rad green cat:

sun lit spook

We hope you enjoyed our September stitch-along. Stay tuned for more stitch-alongs here on Feeling Stitchy!


  1. How much fun to see the wonderful interpretations of this pattern!

  2. What a lovely Halloween parade! I am always so suprised how one and the same pattern can turn out so very differently. All special in their very own way (o:
    Happy weekend!

  3. Thanks for featuring my little quiltie. Thanks for sharing the pattern it was so very fun to stitch. All of the projects featured are just so great!

  4. they are all so great. thanks for sharing.

  5. They are wonderful! I love seeing just how different they can turn out with the same pattern. fun!

  6. These are fantastic! I love the pattern, it is really fun!

  7. Oh, they all are so beautiful, different and sooooo cute!!


  8. how cool everyone's stitching is...very creative! Love them all!:D