October 17, 2011

PUSH Contest Winners

Priest stitched by David Hill

Penny Nickels just announced the winners in the PUSH Stitchery Contest on her blog and I have to say I'm pretty blown away by the submissions - you're looking at the 2 winners of the contest, David Hill and Lord Libidan. Penny commented on the beautiful, painterly Van Gogh lines in this piece, and I have to agree with her - I'm in awe of David's skills. Truly painting with thread here.

transformer - lordlibidan
Transformer stitched by Lord Libidan

Yeah, your eyes do not fool you - that is a fully transforming Transformer, stitched painstakingly on plastic canvas. Seriously, think of the architecture that went into that piece.

But every bit as amazing are the 2 runner-ups:

tattoo sleeve
Tattoo sleeve stitched by Di Ellis

Hair Embroidery
Hair stitched by Stefanie M.

Penny is featuring essays by the stitchers on their work on her blog - go on over there and check it out.

Thanks, Penny, for hosting such an awesome contest - be sure to check out PUSH Stitchery the next time you're in a bookstore - it looks like MrXStitch and amazing contributors like Penny have made an awesome book that will not disappoint!


  1. Wow they are incredible! I can't believe the transformers one....! It's seriously amazing.

  2. Wow! I love these, taking stitching to a whole new level. We love it.. SW Craft Club


  3. hahahh WOW I love that tattoo sleeve!! :D