February 20, 2012

Embroidery Companion Winner!

Yahoo! The winner of the Alicia Paulson Embroidery Companion is.....(insert drum roll)

I love buttercups. They remind me of when I was little and my best friend and I would play a game (you probaby have it over there as well, but I dont know what its called) , testing if the other liked butter by holding the buttercup underneath the chin and seeing the yellow reflection from the flower and the summer sun :) We called it "liker du smør?" (in norwegian). And it reminds me of the warm summer holidays I used to spend at my grandparents. This was a really nice giveaway question! Thanks for helping me remember those warm summer memories (its freezing up here right now :P).

Congratulations Sunniva! Big thanks and kisses to everyone who entered. You guys make Feeling Stitchy so awesome!

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