February 23, 2012

Love: zombie cross stitch

Phat Quarter Swap - Zombie
stitched by carexcore

I have some serious love for this piece carexcore stitched for a swap - there's a lucky swap partner out there who gets to keep this. Awesome, awesome, awesome stitching Caroline! :)


  1. Ah haha! That's awesome. Great coloring in the walker! ;)

  2. I love this, thank you so much for posting. Now I have a great idea for hubs for Christmas!

  3. Holy cats!  I was doing a Google image search for something completely different and this came up.  It's me!  I mean, I stitched this!  And I am totally tickled by the notion that someone else out there enjoyed it enough to blog.  Thanks so much. :D

  4. Is there a pattern for this?