February 11, 2012

Giveaway Love: Hoopla


We have an extra-special giveaway today thanks to the good people who brought you Hoopla: The Art of Unexpected Embroidery. Hoopla, by Leanne Prain, is a sizeable embroidery book, full of inspiration, anecdotes, history, projects, and interviews. Inside you'll find an interview with Jenny Hart, embroidery entrepeneur (and a guest blogger on Feeling Stitchy), as well as tons of interviews with well known people in the blogosphere, and many artists who may be new to you.

Did I mention that one of Feeling Stitchy's contributors took part in this book? Jo created these adorably geeky microbe hankies:

Jo's microbe hankies
Gotta love that cheeky guy modeling the hanky, by the way. He works an embroidered hanky like nobody's business. :)

I thought I'd give you a sneak peek of the book today, and you know what? Leave a comment and you could win your own copy (the publishers already sent me this one, thank you very much).  :)


I'm also giving away all the cute loot they sent me: 2 mini gocco print hoops (jackalope, and fly, respectively), and 6 hilariously cheeky buttons. That means you have 9 chances to win something! That doesn't happen every day, folks. At least, not for me. :)


So, here's a brief tour, starting with the title page:
(don't mind my flags - I marked all the cool stuff I wanted to share with you today)

Here's a lovely Cate Anevski pattern:
adorable Cate Anevski pattern

I love this modern cuckoo clock blackwork pattern:

This cross-stitch applique bull pattern is quite nice as well:

I love the dainty stitched chapter heading pages:

And, in honor of Valentine's Day, I stitched up this oxytocin embroidery - it was a very quick stitch, easy and fun:
oxytocin embroidery

I'd say Hoopla is definitely worth a read - there's a huge variety of patterns and styles represented. I do wish the patterns were larger - maybe having all the patterns in the back of the book would have been a good move. For this reason, some of the project patterns seem more like inspiration drawings rather than actual templates, but there's certainly a wonderful assortment of projects in the book.

So, you wanna win, folks? Leave a comment here by 9 PM, U.S. Central Time on Sunday, Feb. 12 - in your comment please tell us 1) where in the world you are from, 2) your favorite project (of the ones pictured here) and 3) your email address, so I can contact the winner!

Edit: 9 PM - comments closed! Winners to be announced on Monday, Feb. 13th!

Hi, I'm floresita, editor of Feeling Stitchy. I'm an avid stitcher, knitter, and crafter. You can see more of my stitching on Instagram and my blog. My vintage transfer collection is on Vintage Transfer Finds.

Feel free to email me with any ideas for the blog!


  1. 1) I'm from Youngstown, Ohio.

    2) My favorite project is the bull! That is a fantastic idea!

    3) My email is scncartist (@) gmail.com

  2. I'd love to win the book or any of the other goodies listed :) Looks like tons of fun.

  3. Yay! This book has been on my wish list for awhile, and the other prizes are so much fun!
    - I live in Victoria, BC, Canada
    - my favorite project is the germy hankies
    - and my email is leahthezombie at gmail dot com

  4. Hey! I'm Kim, from Edinburgh in Scotland. My favourite project is the bull cross stitch. Making a bull look so pretty is quite cool. :)



    1. I'm from St. Petersburg, Florida.
      I like the germ hankies, but the bull is amazing; it has to be my favorite!
      Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  5. Oh yes, please. Adding it to my Amazon wish list, too. I'm from Rhode Island, and I like the microbe hankies best because that is just the sort of humor I'm surrounded by and my kids (especially my two boys) would love them, too. An email address should show up in my google comment but my main one is amyhood21 AT gmail DOT com.

    Thank you for all the giveaways this month!

  6. I got here a couple of days ago from flickr and I´m lovin this site!.
    I used to embroider when I was 8 (almost 30 years ago, OMG!), I was very sick in bed for three months and my Mom made me embroider to keep me in bed. I did not embroider again when I recovered... until some time ago and I´m falling in love.
    My favourite is the Cate Anevski pattern.
    Greetings from the south of Argentina!

  7. 1) I am from San Jose, CA
    2) I like the cuckoo clock pattern :)
    3) curiouspug at hotmail dot com

    Thanks for the chance!

  8. Ohhhhh my friend has that book, I want it so bad! I'm from BC Canada, just outside of Vancouver :-)
    My favourite project shown is the oyxticin piece, so cute. Although my favourite thing in the entire book is the the amazing fly and spider! I don't know why I love it so much, flies and spiders kind of creep me out ;-)

  9. Hello! I'm Irina from Ukraine! Love your blog ;)
    Book is amazing and those blackwork clock would looks great in my fathers' cabinet!

  10. Hi. I live in Seattle, WA (where today it has not rained...yet) ;) My favorite project is a toss-up between the blackwork clock and the bull. Thanks for introducing this book!
    echinops.aster [at] gmail [dot] com

  11. Oh My! that looks like SUCH AN AWESOME BOOK!!! I really want the "boss of floss" pin!


  13. Thanks for this opportunity!
    I'm from San Francisco, CA.
    My favorite project shown is the oxytocin embroidery you stitched up.
    My email address is fionnmargaret@yahoo.com

  14. I am from Cleveland, Ohio.
    I love the oxytocin project being a little nerdy myself:)

  15. This would be awesome. I just found your blog this week. I'm from Chicago, and I think my favorite is either the cuckoo clock or the bull. So cool! kitkatktmac {at} gmail {dot} com. Thanks for all the crafty ideas!

  16. Howdy from Columbus, Ohio! I love the Cate A. girl with flower, very sweet. Hey, I've never heard of this book, but it looks like a treat, for sure :) cadamsworship (at) yahoo (dot) com

  17. Love the cate aneveski pattern... im from indiana!! Did you all watch the superbowl last week, i live about 15 minutes away!! I want this book, its been on my list !!



  18. Hi, I am from Germany. I love the chapter headings. But the stitched figure of the title page is my favorite. raphaela minus e at freenet dot de

  19. Hi I'm Ruby from southern Ohio, I love the Cate Anevski pattern and my email is
    rubylynns (at) gmail dot com

    Great giveaway!

  20. I'm from Astoria, OR. I love the germ handkerchiefs, these would be great for my little science mad boy. kcarlson1152[at]hotmail.com

  21. *I'm from Socorro, NM.
    *I adore the oxytocin pattern.

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  22. 1) Bandung, Indonesia.

    2) Cate Anevski pattern! ♡

    3) nununello@gmail.com

  23. Hello! Hillori from Orangevale, CA. I am totally digging on the cuckoo clock pattern :)) My e-mail is withwhimsy@yahoo.com

  24. I'm so happy to see this book out and about! I'm not entering the drawing, I just want to say thanks for mentioning the cuckoo clock. That's my design! I learned about call for submissions right here on Feeling Stitchy!

  25. This book looks amazing! I'm off to put it on my Amazon wishlist. :)

    I'm from Virginia.
    I love the Cate Anevski pattern!
    sewtechnicolor (at) yahoo (dot) com


  26. 1. I'm from Chippewa Lake, Ohio. (Couldn't help noticing a lot of Ohioans on here!)
    2. I love the oxytocin project!
    3. My email is sandy.hardman@gmail.com

  27. thanks for the chance to win!

    1. i live and breathe in richmond, va, usa.
    2. my favorite project is most definitely the cuckoo clock. i would love to stitch that up.
    3. my email address is jennifer.hadlock@gmail.com

  28. I'm all the way from Sweden (Stockholm) and I like the bull pattern and my email is pysselfarmor@yahoo.com

    I have a blog but sorry only in Swedish. I do some embroidery - in Swedish it's broderi link here

  29. Wow, great looking book!
    I'm from Australia
    Cate Anevski's is my favourite pattern, love it!
    email: wenda@optusnet.com.au

    Thanks Feeling Stitchy!

  30. This book is so me! Fingers crossed!

    1. I live in a nice home town, not far from Chicago.
    2. The hankies are genius!
    3. Reach me at molliejohanson {at} gmail

  31. 1.) I'm from South Carolina
    2.) I LOVElovelovelovelove everything in the book, but my heart skipped a beat when I saw the Cate Anevski pattern!
    3.) My email address is icepinkstars at gmail dot com.

    Thank you for giving us a chance at this awesome giveaway! This book looks wonderful :)

  32. I am originally from Spain, but I live in Ireland. Being Spanish my favourite pattern has to be the bull!!!!, ha,ha. Quilterbel at yahoo dot com. Thank you for the chance.

  33. I am from Southern California. I LOVE the nerdy oxytocin pattern. rainwolf87(at)hotmail(com)

  34. 1) Blacksburg, VA is the present location, though I'm originally from KY.
    2) Love love love the chemical structures idea. I'm married to a chemist who loves it when I make him geeky things. The germ hankies are a close second.
    3) rkhdgr (at) gmail (dot) com

  35. 1) I live in Santa Maria, CA
    2) That cuckoo clock is amazeballs
    3) my email is supervelma@gmail.com

  36. Hiya!
    This looks like a really lovely book... I think I'm going to have to ask for it for my birthday in August...
    I live in Sheffield, UK
    I particularly like the look of the Cate Anevski pattern/drawing, she looks like a strange octopus/monster girl! I really like Cate's style, love her ghost drawing/photos.
    My e-mail is jramone (@) toucansurf (dot) com

    Best wishes
    Joey x

  37. 1) from Chemnitz, Germany but now live in Boston, MA
    2) the cross-stitch applique bull pattern, so cool
    3) inakleinwa@hotmail.com

  38. 1) I live and sew in bonnie Scotland, but please don't let projected postage costs put you off choosing me as the winner!
    2) The hankies remind me of a project I had in mind and never got round to making, but I also love Cate Anevski (always) and the chemistry design and the cuckoo clock. The bull's not bad either, so that's pretty much everything, isn't it?
    3) lauradonald80[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk

  39. Hiya, I'm from western Australia. My brother has a t shirt with that bull on it and he used to x-stitch so I fave the bull. margret.schell@gmail.com

  40. 1) I'm from San Diego,CA

    2) I adore the microbe hankies! I have a scientist friend they'd be perfect for!

    3) lisajean.mcneil@gmail.com :)

  41. I'm from Scotland - my favourite piece above is the cuckoo clock, love it!

  42. Hello from Canada!
    Hard to pick a fave, I love the bull but embroidering chemistry is too cool!
    Looks like a fab book.

  43. i'm from spain.
    i like the fly.... excuse me, i LOVE the fly!

    great giveaway !!!

  44. 1. I'm from Edinburgh, Scotland
    2. I'm a chemist so it's got to be the molecular embroidery. Such a simple idea but perfectly done.
    3. Bridgetannkelly (at) gmail (dot) com

  45. I live in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
    I think I like the Cate Anevski pattern best

  46. I live in Greenbelt MD. My email ought to be accessible via my account profile.

    I got to check out Hoopla from my local library - there are several projects in there that just made me laugh. I loved the titty coasters. Too amusing.

  47. I'm from West Virginia, USA
    Love the bull-- that would inspire me to do something similar with different animals!
    cattyjenny (at) aol dot com

  48. 1)Wichita, KS
    2)microbe hankies!

  49. Hi!
    I originally from Paris, France but I now live in Chicago, IL!
    I love the jacklope (It looks like a clone between rabbit and deer! So cool!)
    My email is jeacousin[at]gmail[dot]com!

  50. Hi!

    I'm originally from Paris, France but now live in Chicago, IL! I love the jacklope because it looks like a combination of a rabbit and a deer - so cool!
    My email is jeacousin[at]gmail[dot]com!

  51. oh gosh how awesome
    1 I live in Australia, Melbourne
    2 I adore the applique bull
    3 bluebellbunny23atyahoo.com.au

    so exciting!!

  52. 1) I'm from metro-Detroit, but currently living in the middle of Michigan. :)
    2) I love that Cate Anevski pattern. What a cool, slithery girl. :)
    3) nzfriend@gmail.com

  53. the foothills of east tennessee
    blackwork clock (super!)
    daisyeyes06 at gmail dot com

  54. I'm living in Indiana, being a chemist, I like the oxytocin project. drmithome@yahoo.com

  55. I'm from Oregon, LOVE the blackwork cuckoo clock, and my email addy is janers41atyahoodotcom. Thank you for the nice giveaway!

  56. I'm from the San Diego area and I love the oxytocin pattern! My email is jfererro76 at hotmail dot com

  57. Oooo-pick me! Pick me!
    I am from Troy, NY but i am currently living outside of Columbus, OH
    I love that bull pattern, and the cuckoo clock comes in a t a close second!

  58. 1. Australia
    2. I have to pick one, are you kidding? I have to agree the bull is special, tho I like the girl, the buttons have great attitude, the hankies are too funny and the oxytocin is striking.
    3. sisbabestitches [at] gmail [dot] com

  59. I'm from NY but I live in Tennessee and I adore the Cate Anevski pattern.. that lil moppet needs stitchin!
    you can email me at sewjenaissance at gmail dot com

  60. 1. Greenwood SC (transplant from Maine)
    2. I love the little Cate Anerski pattern. LOVE IT!
    3. hennies.pennies@yahoo.com
    4. Be blessed...

  61. 1. Brisbane, Australia
    2. Oxytocin! Hehe cute and funny
    3. reanalouise@gmail.com
    I've just started embroidering, so this would be a wonderful way to learn the nitty-gritty things! Thank you for holding such a lovely giveaway :)

  62. 1. Syracuse, NY
    2. I love the oxytocin!
    3. a.mahar@gmail.com

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway! Love your blog!

  63. 1) I'm surrounded by peach in Atlanta, GA
    2) Cannot pick one favorite; I love them all
    3) sweetpurls@yahoo.com

  64. Lovely lovely book!
    I'm from Manchester, England.
    My favourite is the cuckoo but I'd have to add some more colour I think :-)

    Cheers! Xx

  65. 1. I'm from Milwaukie, OR
    2. I love the cuckoo clock and the jackalope.
    3. lissa_rae@hotmail.com

  66. i am from portland, maine. i love, love, love the blackwork cuckoo clock! my email is peeper@maine.rr.com. thanks for the chance to win!

  67. HI , I'm from Australia and I love hand embroidery.
    I have to agree I love the quick Oxytocin embroidery- original and quirky.

    My email is info(at)lorrainemarwood(dot)com
    What a great give-away.

  68. 1. Brisbane Australia-
    2. The blackwork clock- I have discovered a fondness for single colour embroidery lately- it is much easier while traveling
    3. seymourkylie@gmail.com

  69. Squeeeee! I gotta get my hands on this book! :)
    1. Illinois, USA
    2. Love me some Cate Anevski patterns!
    3. rdpanepinto(at)gmail.com

  70. I live in Israel. I actually liked the chapter stitching (just starting to learn embroidery and spent my weekend working on stitching up the names of some sample stitches - not as easy as I would like!). lappelson@gmail.com

  71. 1 - Utah
    2 - The Cate Anevski pattern
    3 - kimbersen.c@gmail.com

    Thanks for the chance :)

  72. I'm from Christchurch New Zealand, you know the city that has had over 10 000 shakes in the last 16 months!! I'd like to make the clock, we are quite fond of artwork that won't kill you if it lands on your head, yes really. my email is deb@davidrobertson.co.nz

    I've never seen this book but it looks awesome. If I don't win, I will add to my wishlist!!

  73. I'm from Cleveland, OH, and I love the oxytocin. Perhaps if I embroidered my homework I would be happier and more successful in my O-Chem class.

  74. AACK! I love the combination of nerviness and embroidery...Of course...I tend to love anything combined with embroidery. :)

  75. Oh- PS: I'm from Salt Lake City, UT
    I love the microbe hankies (I'm a microbiologist)

  76. 1. Austin, Texas, USA!
    2. I love the bull. It would look great on black velvet.
    3. kt.cowden@gmail.com

  77. Hi, I'd like to go through that book, if only I could win.
    I'm from India and I like the cross stitch applique bull pattern
    Great giveaway.

  78. 1. Glendale, NY
    2. Jackalope! Who doesn't love a Jackalope! How I would love to have that on my wall!
    3. paulacarolmorales at hotmail dot com

    Love all the loot!

  79. Ooh, gonna have to buy this if I don't win! I'm in Ventura, California adore the cover art and can be reached at daydreamretreat at yahoo dot com. Love your blog and all the great sites you've introduced me too :)

  80. 1. Austin, Tx
    2. I am adoring that Cuckoo Clock. I think it would be neat-o to put one of those clock kits on it when it's all said and done. :)
    3. mrs.turner1112@gmail.com

  81. Oh my! That is one seriously desirable book and loot. Awesome.
    1. Perth, Australia
    2. Cate Anevski pattern
    3. virtuallysally[at]gmail[dot]com

    Thanks so much for the chance to win :)

  82. Love the microbe hankies! Thanks for the tour of the book!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win something lovely!

    I am in Albuquerque, NM and my email is cinderellakv@gmail.com

  83. 1) Oregon
    2) I like everything I see, but I'm kind of partial to the bull.
    3) airycat at airynothing dot net

  84. What a lovely giveaway!!
    #1. Santa Cruz, CA
    #2. I love the bull, but I think my favorite is the oxytocin. So simple, and clean! Okay and the microbe hankies are amazing too. I think I like it all!
    #3. anne.and.kita at gmail dot com

  85. 1. Perth, Australia
    2. oxytocin embroidery, you could do ready good alteritives, Like your love ones blood and yours mixed.
    3. viking4@y7mail.com

    Thanks Love looking at the really different takes on embroidery.

  86. What a lovely giveaway.

    I am from Bedford, United Kingdom
    I love the blackwork cuckoo clock

    Thank you x Sue x

  87. 1 - I´m from Barcelona, Spain.
    2 - My favorite project is the nice Cate Anevski pattern.
    3 - lidiatamboleo(@)gmail.com

  88. Hi, I'm from Cheshire in the UK. I love the look of the Cate Anevski pattern. LaylaClaven@yahoo.co.uk.

  89. I am from Vancouver, WA. I think the Cate Anevski pattern is my favorite! Love this blog! Evin5 at aol dot com

  90. As a biologist living in "house of nerds" (biologist husband, two science and math and music geek kids) I love that oxytocin pattern and the microbe hankies - what great geeky ideas!

  91. 1. I'm from Iowa, in the USA
    2. I like the oxytocin stitch since I'm a science geek.
    3. Reach my at agrimm3462 @ gmail . com (take out the spaces)

  92. Hello! I'm from Haarlem, the Netherlands, and I would definitely love to go for the Cate Anevski pattern as I think everything she makes is gorgeous!! My email address is lynn dot wams at gmail dot com.

  93. Mansfield, Texas
    Hard to choose but oxytocin is the one.
    skdk_rmk at msn.com

  94. Pick me! I have the book on my Amazon Wish List.

    I'm from Green Bay, WI. The cross stitch bull is my favorite and please email me at katebodart@hotmail.com. I love reading and learning from your blog. Keep up the awesome work!


  95. Hi! I'm Christina, From Dallas, TX. :) I love the oxytocin embroidery. I just really like it when people stitch "non-stitchy" things, if that makes any sense! Ha ha! Would love to win! My email is christina (dot) goussard (at) yahoo (dot) com

  96. I live in Chicago and love the cuckoo clock! ajt915@gmail.com

  97. I'm from Whitby, Ontario, Canada
    My favourite pattern is the clock. I'm all ready figuring out how to integrate the clock work to make it a functioning clock :)

  98. 1. Topeka, KS
    2. Love the black-work clock project!
    3. mstottlemire at gmail.com

  99. 1) England!
    2) I like the oxytocin best :)
    3) freddie[at]mrxstitch.com

  100. I live in Portland Oregon
    I really like the the bull pattern, it's really sweet.
    elsa (dot) hart (at) gmail (dot) com

    Thanks so much for the review and the giveaway!

  101. i'm from the great state of arkansas, specifically in conway.
    the bull is my favorite by far. the blending of the tough with the delicate flowers, beautiful.
    my email is: hannahjaneabbott@gmail.com

  102. 1. Michigan
    2. I love the Cate Anevski pattern but the clock is a close second
    3. jatoha at gmail dot com

  103. Hello! I'm Whitney from South Carolina, and that bull pattern is awesome! I love it! my email is whitneybragg (at) gmail (dot) com


  104. 1) Oswego, New York
    2) cuckoo clock blackwork i think, but they're all neat :3
    3) award3@oswego.edu

  105. Hi,I have been following your blog for quite sometime and this book is an awesome giveaway!I am from India and I love that cuckoo clock pattern.I wish I could win this book :).My email id - seduceurtastebuds@gamil.com

  106. I'm from Singapore and I love the cross stitch applique bull pattern :)


  107. Carol from northern Indiana .
    I like the dainty stitch heading page.
    But I cheated and went to Amazon to look inside and it blew me away.
    Its on my wishlist now, but I am putting out positive energy to win it here!!
    crldelater at yahoo dot com

  108. Hello,
    I am from Washington State, I love the jackalope (My boyfriend actually thought they were real until I had to break the bad news.)
    My e-mail is jessica-8384@hotmail.com

  109. Hello there! This book is awesome!

    I'm from New York City.
    I love the Cate Anevski pattern.
    email is jenniferofthejungle@live.com

  110. Heelo, I'm from Nottingham, England. I love the cuckoo clock pattern, would love to see what else is in that book! my email is linked to my profile, but here it is anyway wendywestby at aol.co.uk

  111. Hey!

    My name is Marisa and I live just outside Toronto, Ontario. My favourite pattern is the oxytocin... brings me back to chemistry (with a side of valentines)


  112. Hello! I'm a Canadian science nerd who is rather enamoured with the microbe hankies pictured in the blog post. I can be reached at sinistral.stitches@gmail.com.

  113. 1. Oswego IL
    2 The applique bull (I'm a Taurus)
    3. susanmv @ comcast.net

  114. Hi, I'm Jill from Boston, MA, and I love the oxytocin pattern. I can be reached at jadannay@comcast.net.

  115. I'm from Nottingham, England. I love the oxytocin, geek love for the win. Emmalittlehales@hotmail.com

  116. Hi, I'm Catherine and I'm from all over the show (London, NY, Auckland and most recently Edinburgh)
    I'd love to give the oxytocin pattern a shot as my boyfriend already has molecular symbols tattooed on him.
    Find me at catherine.mchattie @ gmail.com

  117. I'm in unseasonably-sunny Chicago, and I just finished doing my chemistry homework, so that oxytocin is really calling out to me! hopelessshade is my gmail address. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  118. 1)I'm from Sweden, currently living in Gothenburg
    2)I'm a neardy biologist so I really liked the oxytocin pattern
    3) sussiegross@gmail.com

    I love your blog and I really hope I'll win, thanks for that opportunity!

  119. I'm from San Luis Obispo, CA and I love the jackalope! A.rankin@live.com

  120. I loves this book! I'm from Malaysia, I loves the oxytocin too and hueisei(at)gmail(dot)com

  121. Hi, I'm from Spain, I love the stitched letters at the beginning of each chapter. evaft(at)hotmail(dot)com

  122. I live in London, England, my favourite project is the cuckoo clock and my email is linked to my name. If I don't win, I'll definitely go and buy this book. It's rad!

  123. Hi, I'm Julie From France, and i LOVE LOVE the Bull pattern!!! Awesome!

  124. I'm from Kansas and I love the cuckoo clock! I'd love to have an embroidered clock in my living room. My e-mail is linked to my name!

  125. It's gotta be the adorably geeky microbe hankies! Heather from Canada

  126. I live in Louisiana. My favorite project is the oxytocin.

  127. Evanston, IL. I love the bull idea! And... followingwords(a)(t)gmail(d)o(t)com

  128. oooonhhhh....i LOVE the cuokoo clock! i'm from the tampabay, fl area in the usa.

  129. 1) I'm from Detroit, MI!
    2) I adore the microbe hankys.
    3) christina.elizabeth (at) gmail.com

  130. As a science teacher, I definitely need a set of those microbe hankies! This book looks fabulous!

  131. Ooops! I'm from Massachusetts! ANd... msgould_ams (at) hotmail (dot) com