February 6, 2014

A great student and a proud teacher

Olá! This week I'm taking a break in my traditional embroidery choices... Sometimes it feels good, too. And the photos I'm showing bring me good memories...

I love to teach. Since I was a child I dreamed of becoming a teacher. And, fortunately, my dreams came true... But I never, never thought of teaching embroidery... It never crossed my mind, for many many years. But teaching is teaching... Whether you teach complex formulas (as I used to do) or embroidery stitches... It's an experience that requires the use of mind and heart both for those who learn and those who teach... And these are the kinds of experiences that you keep in your memories...

These photos are my memories!! Some years ago I was in a craft show and, as happens frequently, I taught the colleague in the stand next to mine her first embroidery stitches.  And we were there embroidering together for some hours... She was a great student!! And very creative, too...

Afterward, she took both our pieces of embroidery and decided to use them creatively to decorate these t-shirts, adding some crochet details. As I like to say: embroidery out of drawers!!!!

Paisley t-shirt
T-shirt decorated by Leonor Rodrigues

Pailey pattern
First stitches by Leonor Rodrigues - paisley pattern

Hibiscus T-shirt
T-shirt decorated by Leonor Rodrigues

Hibiscus pattern
Hibiscus pattern
Shouldn't I be a proud teacher?

And these are great ideas to inspire us when we don't know how to use that special piece of embroidery... 


  1. Thank you so much Amy!!

  2. Proud teacher indeed! These are really great!!! Gorgeous hibiscus too! I wish I could embroider them all over my never-blooming hibiscus bushes out front!!! ;)

  3. Yesteryear EmbroideriesFebruary 7, 2014 at 10:14 PM

    Yes, you should be very proud! Such a sweet idea for her to incorperate the embroidery. I think that is the best part of all of us who love to do hand work.......to be able to teach and pass the art on to others!

  4. I hope that soon you'll have a "not stitched" hibiscus out front! thanks!