February 11, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday

Hello everyone!

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and, if you are anything like me, you want to give your loved ones more than just a store-bought card. I decided on embroidering and assembling muslin treat bags to add some handmade love to my Valentine's Day gifts and goodies.

I used negative space embroidery for this treat bag, but I think any little hearts or embellishment would look adorable. 

To make this Valentine's Day treat bag you will need the following supplies: 

- unbleached muslin in two 8x7-inch pieces
- embroidery floss, needles, scissors, and related supplies
- iron and ironing board
- sewing machine and related notions
- scissors
- safety pin

Step One: Transfer a heart shape onto one piece of muslin. I free-handed this heart, but if you prefer to follow a pattern, there are various heart shapes available here

Step Two: Use a running stitch to out line the heart with 3-stranded floss. 

Step Three: Using a seed stitch, fill the space outside of the heart. Overlap the stitches close to the heart, and space them out as you move away from the main heart shape. 

Step Four: Press the two pieces of muslin and place them right sides together. Stitch an 1/4-inch seam allowance around the three sides of muslin, leaving one edge unsewn 2-inches from the top.

Step Five: Keeping the treat bag reversed, fold the top down 1/2-inch and press. Fold down another 1/2-inch and press. Sew along the bottom of this fold to create the area for the drawstring. I changed the bobbin thread in my sewing machine to red to create a contrasting stitch once I reverse the bag out. 

Step Six: Turn the bag inside out and tuck the unsewn edge of the drawstring fold into the bag and press. Take six-stranded floss, knot the end, and attach the safety pin to the knot. Use the safety pin to pull the string through the top of the treat bag. 

Step Seven: Knot the end of the string and your treat bag is ready. 

Step Eight: Add treats and goodies and your treat bag is ready for Valentine's Day!

Hope you enjoy and have a great Valentine's Day!

Hi, I'm Kristen! I am a lover of all things stitchy and crafty. I have been sewing for as long as I can remember. My grandmother taught me how to sew Barbie clothes when I was young and I have been sewing ever since.

You can find me at Bobbypin Bandit, on Instagram, and my Etsy shop.


  1. What a lovely idea! Thanks!

  2. That looks sooooo amazing! It's like an explosion outside the heart, I love it! <3 Thanks for all your great tuts Bobbypin :) I am always so impressed by them!

  3. That heart is so sweet! At first glance, I thought it was French knots -- that would certainly take a long time! Easy tutorial for the bag too!

  4. Absolutely adorable! Love this, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

  5. So simple and beautiful... I love it :)

  6. This is really cute and my husband has a sweet tooth but don't think he'd be interested in the bag but I love it. Also my grandchildren would love both the bag and sweets. Thanks