February 3, 2014

Sublime Floss Winner!

We have a winner in the Sublime Stitching floss giveaway:

I chose Peacock! 1. They are beautiful 2. A peacock feather was my first stitch project I did!!

Amy, hope you enjoy your new Laurel Canyon floss pack!

Also, here are the results in our totally unscientific survey of your favorite colors:
Batchelder - 9
Bougainvillea - 18
Joni - 12
Lilac Wine - 46
Mandolin - 26
Peacock - 43
Peyote - 16

It was a narrow win for Lilac Wine over Peacock. Also, some of your comments on the floss were hilarious, so I suggest a readthrough. A couple were, shall I say, "That's what she said" moments... ;)

Thanks, all, for putting up with commenting technical difficulties - everything should be back to normal now. And thanks again, Jenny!

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