June 23, 2007

Breaking the rules

I have a bad(?) habit of not following instructions and making up my own as I go along. I do it with embroidery patterns all the time. I look at them more as a guide. I chose this pattern to embroider on a vintage hanky to use on a doll-sized quilt. It's from the 1966 Better Homes and Gardens Stitchery and Crafts.
I wanted a quick result and opted for a split stitch and back stitch, rather than the satin and stem stitches suggested. The result is just what I wanted.
I completed this in about 6 hours. Embroidered with 2 strands for the stems and leaves and 4 strands for the berries and flowers on a vintage hanky. Next time you see a pattern that looks like it's too much for the time you have consider breaking the rules.


  1. *I* think it looks wonderful.

    I think Hillary of Wee Wonderfuls calls herself a "one stitch wonder," and look how far that one stitch has taken her!

  2. Beautiful!
    I'm a "one stitch wonder" myself... (split, & if I go by stitch guides I do it wrong anyway!)

  3. Great post Laurie. I think people sometimes feel they need permission to break the rules and who better to get permission from!

  4. awesome! I do this all the time, even on designs I drew myself. :) that's why I love those water removable fabric transfer pens, no lines leftover if you decide to change something.

  5. I love the lighter fresh look you gave it. Especially for a doll quilt.