June 7, 2007

Crafty Blog School: Blogging Photos from Flickr

Crafty Blog School, a 2007 series of posts on blogging for Feeling Stitchy by floresitaWelcome to Week 4 of Crafty Blog School - today I'll show you how to blog photos from Flickr.
I'll also go over a trickier aspect of blogging on the internet, and that is, blogging someone else's Flickr photos... So, let's get started!
2 Ways to Blog Photos From Flickr
1) Cut and Paste Code from Flickr
  1. Log in to Flickr, and find the photo you want to blog.
  2. Just above the photo, click on "All Sizes"
  3. Choose a size from the top where it says "Available Sizes"
  4. Scroll down to where it says "Copy and paste this HTML into your webpage:" and copy and paste the code into your blog post!
    under a white cloud (small size)

2) Set up Blogging from Your Flickr Account Page
  1. Log in to Flickr, and go to your blogs page
  2. Add your blog information, and configure the size and layout of your photos.
  3. Once your blog is set up, return to your pics, and click "Blog This" just above your photo
  4. Fill in a title, and the body of your post, and voila, you've blogged a photo!

    under a white cloud
    Originally uploaded by floresita.
Blogging Other People's Flickr Photos
Now, here comes the tricky part! Let's say you've found a really great photo in someone else's Flickr stream and you're dying to blog it. You click "All sizes", and copy and paste the code or just click "Blog This." But, do you have this nagging feeling that maybe you've done something wrong? Are you scared they'll chase you down and accuse you of stealing their photo?
Photo Blogging "Nettiquette": Is Blogging Stealing?
Most people view it as a compliment when someone blogs their photo, and are flattered. But be aware that not everyone is flattered! Some people don't know that people can blog their Flickr photos, and they're not comfortable with it. Other people may even accuse you of stealing their work! But, if you use the 2 methods I showed you above, technically, you've done nothing wrong. The photo is on your blog, but you haven't "stolen" the image because it clearly links back to the user's Flickr stream.
Suggestions for blogging someone else's pics:
  • Blog photos from people who are your contacts, or someone you've traded emails or comments with.
  • Email people you don't know and ask for permission! They'll probably say yes and become a Flickr friend of yours.
  • Always credit the photographer and link back to their Flickr stream, blog, or Etsy store.
  • Never blog a photo to make critical remarks about it. That will make people mad for sure!
What do you think?
I'd love to see what people think on this topic - I've had my crafty pics blogged a few times by people I don't know and I enjoyed it! However, when one of my wardrobe pics was blogged on a porn blog, I definitely was not flattered! To specify who can blog your Flickr pics, go to your Privacy and Permissions page. Always remember that Flickr is a very public place. Post only photos you're comfortable sharing!

Next week: Want to find out how to put this little guy in your sidebar?

Tune in next week to find out!

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  1. I think that even when the "Blog This Photo" option is available, it's always good practice to contact the owner of the image and ask for permission.

    Another of my blogs is made up entirely of other peoples images, but I made sure to contact and ask them all for their permission. To a person, they all said yes and were pleased I'd taken the time to ask. Good manners go along way, especially on the Internet.


  2. I have to agree with you Jane - and I very rarely blog other people's photos, but I was curious to see how other people felt.

    I even felt cautious about blogging Embroidery pool pictures in this blog, but felt that people would be more inclined to be flattered than bothered by it...

  3. this was a good post...i have wondered about the blogging of others flickr pics, i always ended up just using my own! good guidelines/instructions laid out here though.

  4. I wouldn't put someone else's Flickr photo right on my blog (unless I knew it was ok) but I would link to it. And I think the little stitchy guy is adorable.

  5. great stuff flor! i can't wait for the next installment :)

  6. Personally, I feel that a link back is good enough if anyone wants to use any of my photos. I do however find that I normally ask permission first when I want to use someone else's pics. Nice post again Floresita!

  7. This is a very useful article. i have spent ages trying to find out how to get noticed. i am on the Big List of Sewing Blogs but no where near where i should be according to technorati. Its all a bit confusing. This is a lovely blog. Glad I found you.

  8. wow! thanks for the tips! I'm a new blogger & didn't know you could blog Flickr photos so easily.

  9. Thank you, this is just the information I was looking for. Nice blog, too!

  10. I'm a newbie blogger, forgive me but what is the benefit of blogging your own Flickr photo vs. loading it right into your blog post through the upload photo feature?

    Love your little thimble guy and I'm lusting after those floss cards from Etsy!