June 2, 2007


I was thinking this week of all the things I *need* when I'm embroidering. Not just the needle and thread, but the extra somethings.

I learned the hard way that the arm of my chair is not the best choice for a pincushion. I like to use a pretty small needle for embroidery and too many times I've unknowingly set something on a needle stuck in the chair and down she went. Ugh.

Small scissors are important, too. I use Fiskars Softouch Micro-Tip Scissors. The smaller the scissors the more control you have. This is important for cutting close to fabric. You don't want to cut the thread AND the fabric.

And the 2 orange capsules? Ibuprofen. If you've ever sat hunched over an embroidery project for hours you know what I'm talking about. And I figure it can only help alleviate a little of the pain from all the times I stab myself with the needle.

So, what are your necessities?


  1. my big necessity is good light. and since i like to embroider anytime anywhere, i carry with me one of those small clip-on book lights. i clip it to my shirt collar. if i am stitching in the car at night (not driving, but as a passenger!), or on a train, etc. i always have good lighting close by. if i am using a hoop to embroider, sometimes i clip it to the hoop. i have thought about bringing it to the movie theatre with me, so i can embroider there, but haven't done that, yet.

    portland, maine

  2. i guess as embroidery goes, i need only the bare neccessities! thread, needle, the fabric, scissors and maybe a hoop! a glass of wine too, maybe! (unless i'm embroidering early in the day!) ;]

  3. I LOVE these tiny shears. They are super small, and easy to use. You can find them hereat Lee Valley or sometimes at Joanns.

  4. My daylight lamp, a pair of deadly sharp prym embroidery scissors, and my lastest pair of scissors also prym, and my pin cushion. Oh, and how can I forget my trusty work horse that is my barrel clamp frame.

  5. Once I crafted up my little armrest organizer, I can't embroider without it. I love the big magnet for my little scissors, and the little "trash can" cup for my clipped bits.

    I aso love the needles that I dug out of my grandmother's sewing basket. She handed it down years ago, and I've discovered all kinds of cool treasures. The needles in the pink and aqua 50s packaging have been the best ones I've found for embroidery, and I take great care of them. :)

  6. i think time is my ultimate necessity, aside of neddle, floss and hoop. i really enjoy every minute i spend embroidering :)

  7. Duct tape.
    I roll a piece of it up backwards onto itself and stick it onto something nearby.... usually the arm of my couch..... T use it to catch all of my thread scraps and it saves me a bunch of clean up time at the end. I usually like a glass of wine like cinderelly mentioned (at night also)

  8. Oh yeah, my sofa is a graveyard of needles as well!

    I use one of those telescoping magnets to help me recover rogue needles (sold in the automotive section, as well as quilt shops). My thimble of choice is a John James magnet top... another big help.

    And Motrin is a staple in my little sewing basket as well!!!!

  9. Carol!!! Duct tape. That is GENIUS!!!!

  10. An understanding husband for me...who will leave the light on at the brightest setting, even though he's itching to set it to the dimmest, who'll make me a cup of tea late at night and lets me have me-time with my obsessions :-)

  11. me too! i love carol's duct tape idea!