June 15, 2007

I heart embroidery

I hope you have time to sit down with an embroidery this weekend. Meet the artists that created these beauties:
1. Shirt up close, 2. Follow your heart..., 3. Custom Heart Pins for Teresa and the girls, 4. heart #53, 5. Linen heart, 6. her heart, 7. embroidery heart progress, 8. Triptic of I heart Ice cream Purse, 9. Norwich Stitch Heart, 10. linen heart, 11. hearts, 12. Heart, 13. russian needle punch 6 inch heart, 14. Heart, 15. Sweetheart Bag, 16. heart jacket.


  1. Oh my gosh! I just found this blog, and I'm going along thinking how cool it is, and looking at all the hearts thinking that one person had done them all...then I clicked on one heart (can't remember exactly which one) thinking that individual one would come up in a larger size. But they all came up...after scanning and drooling for quite some time, I realized one of them was mine! LOL! The "Follow your heart..." one. Cool! I'm like famous now!!!

  2. Ha ha! You are famous! So glad you found us! :D