June 16, 2009

To Ms. Bullett, with love

stitched by Miss Annabelle

Made by a 10 year old for her teacher. Enough said. Awesome.


  1. How absolutely sweet! TTFN ~Marydon

  2. What is done on the backsides of these lovelies? I think they're amazing gifts but I don't know what to do to finish them?

  3. Its brilliantly done!! So cute!!

    For the back, simply go over the other threads using backstitches, then slip the needle/thread under all the other threads. Snip and there is no hanging threads around...

  4. Hey, that's my kid! I just showed her that she's "famous," and she's pretty psyched.

    Not sure if this is what you meant, Juli, but I run a bead of glue around the inner ring of the hoop, press the fabric down all around with my fingers, let the glue dry, and then just use pinking shears to cut away the excess fabric. It's very tidy.

  5. Hi Melissa! We're so happy to make her "famous"! Her embroidery is amazing! :)