August 2, 2012

Great beginners

Olá! As promised last week, today I'll show you more works by very special embroiderers...
Their first stitches were made in the workshops promoted by agulha não pica. But they continued embroidering, which made me so happy and proud! And full of happiness and pride, I publish the photos of their pieces of embroidery. Hope you like it!!

Luiza's trousers embroidered by her mother, Gabriela. From the heart...
Luiza's drawing and Gabriela's embroidery. Very talented these mother and daughter!! Love it!
Cláudia personalized her beautiful bibs with embroidery stitches. Look great!
Mafalda used agulha não pica kits to embroider a pendant but made her own pattern - simple and beautiful!
Mafalda's own pattern - I love the colors!!!
Andreia uses embroidery stitches to create her sensorial toys... So original...
Andreia's Soft Toys gained new embroidered detailles... Fluffy gained new eyes!!

Don't you think these works are very inspiring? In Portuguese I would say... Tão inspirador!

I am very lucky with my "students"!!!!


  1. These are lovely! I really like sensorial toys :)

  2. They all are so adorable and great embroidery work!! :-)  So cool <3

  3. ahh love all your work so lovley!! I have just started making but v new to the whole game and just dont know how to get my work out there do you have any tips that might help ?? My site is