August 23, 2012

Colorful embroidery

Olá! This week only a few words and many colors!!
A couple of years ago when I begun with agulha não pica I decided only to use the five basic stitches that I teach in my kits, trying to show that we can create beautiful pieces of embroidery while keeping it simple. But I wanted something different... And one day I felt that I needed more color... So I tried to stamp my patterns on printed fabrics instead of only using plain fabrics. And I have never stopped...

Today I bring you some of these pieces of embroidery that I've been making... I always use Portuguese fabrics, I try to choose the most traditional ones and avoid too many confusing patterns. I can never forget that these are beginner's kits... Classic stripes, squares and polka dot fabrics are usually my first choices! In Portuguese we say: riscas, quadrados e bolas, in the exact same order.

Cornucopia - embroidery kit
Paisley pattern embroidered on striped fabric.
Chamando a Primavera... Butterfly embroidery kit
Butterfly embroidered on floral Portuguese fabric.
Sometimes it is possible to use the pattern of the fabric to add something different to your embroidery... Look at this hibiscus that features the embroidered circles from the polka dot pattern...

Colorful hibiscus
Hibiscus pattern embroidered on polka dot Portuguese fabric.
These embroideries can bring new life to a pair of jeans or even to a very common pillow as shown in these photos...

Embroidered pattern
Viana's Heart pattern embroidered on squares Portuguese fabric.
Embroidered pillow
New embroidered pillow finished with ribbons.

Have you ever embroidered on printed fabrics? Although I do not recommend it to those making their first stitches I have to say that I love it!!

It was not intentional... But it seems that red and blue became the colors of this post... 


  1. what a wonderful idea! I never have but I will now... thanks for sharing

  2. I like the fabric & hoops - great idea ;)

  3. Love how vibrant the colors and patterns are on a print fabric!

  4. This is great!!! I have been using various stitches and embellishments on printed fabics...but i love how you made larger patterns on very small simple patterned fabric. Wonderful!

  5. Is that perle cotton in the first photo?

  6. Lucy @ Charm About YouAugust 25, 2012 at 9:53 AM

    These are so beautiful! I adore the hibiscus!

  7. I have tried to embroider on printed fabric, but the design often seems to get lost. I see now that I need to use a thicker thread so it will show up better - will definitely give it another try! What did you use in these pictures???