August 12, 2012

Winners of the Happy Stitch Giveaway!

And we have our random winners!

1 copy of Happy Stitch goes to each of these 2 winners:

I'm going to start this out with foxes: I live on the Fox River, which is decorated with copper foxes. It's awesome, and they're cute. The end. :D


Gill Watson
Definitely the owl!!

1 pattern of her choice from Jodie's store:
Kristin - Sew Technicolor
I think foxes and owls are cute, but I like owls better. :) I've always had a thing for owls- they're so beautiful in real life and so cute in craft form!

1 felt fox kit from Jodie's store:
Little Ella Lu
The fox on the book cover is cuter
(thank goodness you love foxes) :)

If you see your name and comment here, email me at with your details so we can get your prizes sent to you, pronto!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and for the usual range of hilarity, puns, and silliness in the comments - they made for an awesome read as I counted down to the winners! :) And thank you especially to Jodie for writing such a wonderful book, a fabulous tutorial, and for sponsoring this giveaway! :)

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