August 9, 2012

Embroidery and vanity...

When I began selling in craft shows, I soon understood that women often cannot resist buying a new necklace or bracelet... I observed other crafters and even if their work is very original and beautiful no one can beat those that are selling a little piece of vanity :)). I don't know if this happens everywhere... But in Portugal I can assure it is as I described! So, I thought: "Se não os podes vencer junta-te a eles".... Sorry... Now in English: "If you can't beat them join them"!! And I began creating kits that teach you how to make a necklace with an embroidered pendant. And that's what I'll show you today...

How to make your own embroidered necklace using a flexi hoop. Let's begin!

For the embroidery: you need to have a 3" flexi hoop, a pattern, a needle and embroidery floss.
Flexi hoop to make embroidered necklace
Material needed to embroider your pendant
Embroider it as you like, using the stitches you know. If you prefer you may use a bigger embroidery hoop, it's easier than a 3" hoop, and in the end change the embroidery piece to the flexi hoop. With the embroidery already done you'll need to finish the back of your embroidered pendant.

To finish your pendant, here are all the materials you'll need:
Material necessário para acabamento - material needed to finis the embroidered pendant
Material needed to finish your pendant
Using the embroidery hoop as a mold, cut out a felt circle for the back cover. Then stitch the felt to the embroidery piece, I used a whip stitch. If you want a different finish, you can choose to wrap the flexi hoop with a ribbon. At the end you must attach the suede cord to the pendant.
Prender o fio de camurça ao bastidor
Adding the suede cord.
Instead of using the suede cord you can use a ribbon to obtain an original final look...
An original final look obtained with a red ribbon.
I made this one for me, I wanted to wear it with these earrings... It's a success everywhere I go...

Colar pronto - embroidered pendant
Specially made for me!!!
You may prefer to wear it as a brooch or opt for a keyring if jewelry is not for you...

Using a flexi hoop as a brooch...
Porta-chaves - Keyring
An embroidered keyring...
Hope you like it!!! If you make your own let me know... I would love to see it...
These patterns are both inspired by Portuguese traditional embroidery... Which kind of pattern would you choose?


  1. Maria Filomena R...August 12, 2012 at 8:41 PM

    Os seus trabalhos são lindos...
    gosto imenso dos desenhos tradicionais portugueses...
    são ingênuos e amorosos......
    um grande abraço de MF

  2. Where do you buy your mini-hoops. I wanted to make an "embroidered" Christmas tree by turning small hoops and embroidery into ornaments, but I could only find those tackey plastic hoops! If anyone knows of a place with nice wooden minihoops please let me know!