August 27, 2012

Sources, Sources and the joy of more Sources

Hullo! Before we move on to start another project, I would like to share with you where I go look for my sources on-line as someone had asked in the comments awhile back.

When I began, I downloaded most of the embroidery books from Project Guttenberg. Eventually I moved on to the Antique Pattern Library, and well, I am still stuck on this site for there is just so much of everything here! But in the days where I get too overwhelmed there, I pop into the Embroidery Archives of the University of Arizona, or find some gems in Google books, or searching embroidery on the Internet Archives. And I must include The Little Grey Bungalow blog even though it has just a few embroidery titles, for it always puts a smile on my face with all the public domain gems she finds!

But the best source discovery so far is from Feeling Stitchy reader Cathy! She found where our little children from the doll quilt project came from!!
She shared that it is an illustration by Jessie Willcox Smith and the original link she sent is from Pennelainer's flickr, where it describes it as coming from "A Child's Garden of Verses" by Robert Louis Stevenson. And thanks to Cathy, we now know that the 4 kids are "Little Japanee, Little Turk, Little Eskimo and Little Indian" from the curious poem called "Foreign Children"!

How wonderful this place called the Internet! :-) I hope you all continue to leave comments and share here on Feeling Stitchy, it is such a lovely surprise when one thing leads to another!

Now I must prepare for the next little project! I will be making the pattern this week for an adorable play apron from Priscilla Embroidery Patterns so I will be able to share it with you next Monday. It comes from a catalog so there are no instructions or pattern, but this photo looks promising :-).

Until then, have a happy week everyone and enjoy getting lost in the embroidery of the past!


  1. What a gem!!! I'm counting down till Monday!

  2. You can never have too many embroidery pattern sources - thanks for sharing these!

  3. That is a lovely find, I just love looking through those vintage adds. :)