August 26, 2012

August stitch along week 2

Left to right, top to bottom
  1. August stitch along prep by daisyeyes
  2. WIP Feeling Stitchy Stitch Along by _ErikaJean_
  3. Embroidery Part Done by LaWhimsy
  4. August stitch along wip 3 - embroidering on the beach by me
I am absolutely loving the imagination going into everyone's interpretation of this design; this week we've seen fabric applique, elfin ears, bead work and some lovely fill stitches! 

August has gone by so quickly, I'll be doing a wrap up post for this stitch along next week but it's not too late to join in! You can find Cate's lovely pattern here.

(Click on the links above to see the stitching on these pieces in their full glory!)


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