February 13, 2010

Re-introducing: Eydie

Embroidery Collection
Stitched by shebrews

Eydie, or shebrews, on her blog and Flickr, is generous crafter with amazing artistic skill at painting, art quilting, and creating. Just a click through her Flickr stream will reveal the scope of her abilities, and I'm sure she has even more skills hidden away that we don't know about, too! It's a joy to have her here!

A mini interview with Eydie:

Your favorite dmc floss color? bright yellow or rich golden

Your favorite embroidery project? the reproduction card booklets I made. (above)

Your inspirations? My inspirations have to be classic children's book illustrators and children's drawings

My shop url is: http://ohmy1.etsy.com

My blog url is: http://shebrews.typepad.com

Any swaps you're involved in?
I did a "rabbit" swap once. I would love to do more swaps.

One word answer:
Freehand or pattern? Freehand
Messy or neat? Messy
Cute or edgy? B-side (lol)

My daughter and I always talk about how I am the b-side in everything. Like a 45 record, I am the side that most people haven't heard, that doesn't make the top 40, but has a faithful following anyway. I am not the most popular, but I have my "peeps" (people), and sometimes I just have to have long talks with myself because I think differently. I never like the most popular song, I never like the most popular book, I quite prefer the least traveled road, shopping when no one is around, and one of a kind things...---the only exception that I have found so far is that I really think Johnny Depp is the most intriguing and attractive guy. I know there are lots of Johnny Depp fans....... so, there you have it.

Thanks, Eydie, for not following the rules - it's what makes your work unique and beautiful! ;)

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  1. Before I scrolled down and saw these were by Eydie, I knew the style looked very familiar to me. Shebrews was one of the first embroidery blogs I discovered and, boy, was it such an inspiration when I was a newbie! Beautiful stitching :).