December 10, 2010

The New CrossStitcher: preview + free patterns!

So, I bet some of you are looking for quick, easy, last-minute gifts and ornaments for your trees this season? Well, recently I received an awesome sneak peek of the new look over at CrossStitcher, which I thought I'd share with all of you peeps:

Inside that preview you'll find a cute, free pattern for cross-stitch gingham hearts that look really sweet and easy to make. Also included, (toward the back) are free patterns for a Christmas tree, dove, reindeer, and bird!

Now, the sad part for all of us US peeps is that CrossStitcher is a UK publication (I know - sad - tears!) but at least we can all enjoy this free little preview from our friends across the pond. (Yes, I've been waiting my whole life to use that cliche, I really hope you enjoyed it.) :) But for you UK readers, be sure to snap up an issue - I couldn't believe the number of patterns included in just one issue, and I was impressed by their clear, helpful directions and gorgeous photographs.

Thanks, CrossStitcher, for sharing a preview with us! :)

Edit, 12/16/2010: Thank you so much to everyone who chimed in with places you can find CrossStitcher in the US! :)

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  1. You can usually find that publication in Barnes and Noble and Borders here in the US. It is one of the easier ones to find, love it.

  2. I buy it at Joann's. I live in North Dakota, so I imagine it's available in more populated places as well.

  3. Hey,
    I live in Alberta, Canada and I can find CrossStitcher in Chapters or Indigo stores for about $11. It tends to be about two issues behind, but it's well worth it.

  4. Yep like the others said you can usually find it in the nicer book stores. I know I can find a few other British Cross Stitch magazines as well!

    I really like the preview though as there is a bit of a delay as to when the current issue is available stateside. So I can really preview to see if I like the inside patterns :)

    I would offer to get you this one but I think it's already gone and the they have the next one already.

  5. Violet, you are so sweet to offer, but I was lucky enough to be sent my own copy! Thank you so so much for offering to send it! :)

  6. I know this comment is a little late but you can buy this online (for a fraction of the price!) I intend to buy tomorrow's copy from this site: