December 26, 2010

Pattern highlights of 2010

My favourite embroidery patterns of 2010

1. April Showers , 2. mermaid circle, 3. Kedra's Owl, 4. "From the Depths" FINISHED, 5. Little Tiger's Orangey Celebration embroidery, 6. Queen Bee

I've had a lot of fun highlighting the new (and sometimes vintage) patterns that are out there for Feeling Stitchy this year and the above six are just some of my favourites.

Here's to a stitchingly good 2011, I can't wait to see the new patterns that are going to emerge next year but until then I'm having a quiet Christmas at home. I am lucky enough to live in a very green part of London, so if I can I'll be dragging my family out for a walk, but if I can't I'll be staying in the warm and stitching a little bit more of this.

Christmas night embroidery

Work in Progress Christmas pattern by Bustle and Sew, also seen in picture Steampunk Santa - pattern by Urban Threads and map of USA - pattern by Flossbox

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  1. Thanks for featuring my From the Depths pattern (with giddy's beautiful embroidery, of course). I had to make a Christmas Octopus too:

  2. Thank you for featuring my Little Tiger's Orangey Celebration embroidery! The other patterns are just so fabulous, I really love the mermaids and the owl pattern, beautiful designs!
    Happy New Year!
    Joey x

  3. Love that Queen Bee. Your Christmas countdown has been great too! Happy new year!!

  4. Happy New Year! Great choices :)

  5. Did you stitch the bee? And if so, what metallic thread did you use?