April 22, 2010

Red inspirations

Red inspirations

Now, why am I posting these inspiring stitching pics? I mean, red's nice and all, but what could we be up to??? :)

Maybe you better stay tuned for the next 9 days or so, to find out? Hmmm?

In the meantime, enjoy these inspiring red-themed embroideries, created by the wonderfully talented people below:
1. President Franklin Roosevelt by Amanda Jean
2. the tenth doctor by maximum RABBIT designs
3. Rock n Roll embroidery by parrishplatz
4. ASAM = awesome by 14countess
5. Time by metro-station
6. Red Blossom Brooch by Shmemadoo
7. FS Swap buttons by kittykill
8. Pin up Girl 2 by jcgandolf
9. A wee Toadstool by lamdesigns
10. WHAT TIME IS IT? by fortuneless_cookie
11. A little felt cupcake by The Craftaholic
12. Red is so hard to capture by Cate Anevski


  1. ooooh thanks for including my Tenth Doctor - wow i love all the red very zingy!

  2. What a great group! It's an honor to be in the company of FDR! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for including my pin up girl! She was a blast to make.

  4. Thanks for including my FDR embroidery! I love all of these red inspirations...

  5. Oh snap! Thanks for the mention of my Adventure Time piece. Awesome!