April 17, 2010

This is knotty!

French knots!, originally uploaded by appleblossomfl.

Nothing stitchy makes me happier than when people use French knot as a filling stitch. Like in this mermaid from appleblossomfl. That takes patience! But I think it is always worth it.

See the whole mermaid here.


  1. HOLY COW!!! Thanks so much for featuring my mermaid!!! It did take quite awhile to do, but I LOVE the way it looks!

    This made my day!!!

  2. I love the look of a whole bunch of French knots too! I find them really fun to do.

  3. That is very pretty, french knot is one of my new favourites stiches.

  4. I love the unexpected use of French knots too. Nice work!

  5. I really love your embroidery work and the complete blog is fascinating...

    Embroidery require time,patience and delicacy. You seems to me a women full of Love and delicacy. You have made wonderful things for childrens and i am reading and keep watching your blog.

    Thanks for posting your work for us.

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  6. I love the texture that french knots create when there is a whole load of them. My daughter would love this.

  7. Wow that is sooooo much work but what a great finished project!