April 24, 2010

All in the eye...

This makes me happy.

Love the colours and all the different stitches.

And I'm kinda hypnotized by that eye!


  1. It looks an awful lot like the Eye of Sauron. I'm getting hypnotized too. (And realizing what a nerd I am.)

  2. A bit about how I do my free form embroidery.
    To do my doodle embroidery I usually use "craft thread" which is one ply and much like cotton crochet thread. I like the thick bold stitch it makes. It also comes in kid packs that are cheap and full of bright colors that work well together. I use a number 18 needle. DMC makes some nice ones that have a good sharp point. I stay away from tapestry needles, since they are too blunt. I use a 6 inch hoop because it is more comfortable in my hands than a 7 inch hoop especially when I'm making chain stitch circles.

    One of the delightful things about doodle embroidery is that since I'm not following any pattern, I can stitch on black fabric without worrying about how to see a transferred pattern. For a 5 x 7 inch finished project, I usually start with fabric about 10x11 inches with my hoop in the middle. I use the extra amount of fabric because as I add to the stitched elements I may start going off in one direction. I don't want to be limited because I'm running out of fabric when I need to balance out the design. I start by stitching a large element and then work from that. I find that if I want to fill in a fairly large area with satin stitch, the stitches will look neater if I give myself a quick running stitch outline using a thin single embroidery thread in either black or dark purple. That way I know exactly where to make the satin stitches, which I put OVER the outline stitch, covering it up. For the smaller elements I usually just stitch what ever comes to mind. Chain stitch is great to use for circles and eyes, a single white French knot makes a great gleam in an eye. Running stitches on black fabric look like dotted lines and are quick and great fun. I will throw in some tiny circles made by backstitching and using just one strand of regular embroidery floss, the difference in weight works well against the thick bold other elements. French knots with a different colored single chain stitch around them make fun two colored polka-dots, and alternating colored and white bullion stitches make cool "caterpillar like" designs. The stitches I use most often are chain, satin, back, running, bullion and French knots.

    Thanks for showing my embroidery on Feeling Stitchy - I have always LOVED this blog.
    and if anyone has any questions, you can flickr mail me.

    Best Regards,
    Jacque Lynn Davis

  3. What a creative piece. Love all of your finds. Have a great weekend.

  4. Allison... it made me think of the eye of Sauron too, you're not the only one!

    I love the colours and I'm really inspired by the black background... makes me want to go sew on some black right now!!