April 18, 2010

Patterns: Owl & Pussycat

Owl & Pussycat Pillow Case Finished by Follow the White Bunny

The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea
In a beautiful pea-green boat,
Edward Lear

Nicole of Follow the White Bunny has posted this lovely free pattern for the Owl & Pussycat on her blog. I love the poem and I'm sure lots of other people do to, with already another interpretation of this pattern appearing in the Flickr pool by Veganruthie.

Owlpussycat by Veganruthie

I love the little tie for the bag!


  1. Thank you for posting my picture! It was an quick and fun stitch up! I actually used it as an example of back stitch and stem stitch for a video tutorial for my job (SewCraftyHouston.com)

    I love Follow the White Bunny!

  2. Thank you for highlighting my freebie pattern Jo! I'd like to add that I have written some details on stitches and colours for this pattern on my blog as well: http://blog.followthewhitebunny.com/2010/04/they-sailed-away-for-year-and-day.html

  3. So cute! Will have to add it to the mountain of patterns on my 'to do' list. :)
    Just for some shameless promotion I have some embroidery patterns on my blog too:

  4. I just saw this sweet owl & pussycat pattern on flickr! It's most definitely on my 'to do' list! SO cute!