April 24, 2010

Yellow inspirations

Yellow inspirations

Nothing cheers me up like a nice yellow. I love absolutely every shade, from the put-your-eyes-out-bright, to the mustardy, greenish tones. But I think my favorite is lemon yellow. Do you have a favorite yellow?

Are you wondering why I'm blogging a "rainbow" of colors every day for the next few days? Hmmm? Really? :)

Projects by the talented peeps listed below:
1. yellow leaf pin by maybeemily
2. close - up by apple & eve
3. star by kunderwood
4. yellow submarine magnet by Emmajb8
5. yellow is the color of leaves that fall hat by cosymakes
6. My glass if half full by xperimentl
7. Alma brooch - Handmade And Embroidered Felt Brooch by Yalipaz
8. broderie brooch 01 by misslilamae
9. yellow pteranodon by Katie Aaberg
10. ladybird square by Sumptuosity
11. who are you? by Sumptuosity
12. Affodell the owl brooch by Joey 7

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  1. Thank you for the "sunshine" on this gray rainy spring day!

  2. Love Yellow!!! It IS so cheery! Here's my favorite yellow http://thestitchylife.blogspot.com/2009/10/day-i-became-official.html
    Happy Sunday!!!

  3. I'll bet we'll be seeing green next!

  4. I love yellow! It's so cheery.