April 15, 2010

Bacon - It's a Good Thing

Sometimes when I look through my favorites on flickr, I search by a random keyword to see what I'll get. Today's word was bacon. Here's what I found!


I found this beautifully stitched statement from Cauchy.

Bacon Machine

This bacon machine was stitched by leftwingedmama.


And this is the reason I had bacon on the brain in the first place? This wonderful, quirky piece from the talented TheMistressT. She stitched this for a very lucky friend. She has provided more pictures of this piece so you can see all the amazing details (Excuse me, tiny metallic chain stitch? HELLO!) here.

Okay, now that this is out of my system, time for some lunch. :) See you next time!


  1. If only there was a bacon machine!


  2. Buwahhhaha! I LOVE this entry as I am and always have been a bacon lover. When I first saw the graffiti on the hand dryer I thought I was going to pee my pants and the fact that someone stitched it is even better! I am so happy to see Cauchy's stuff on here too! Hooray!

  3. my love of bacon is too big to express! I want to do a bacon embroidery!

  4. Hello! I saw your buttons on Craftgawker today and noticed it was a tutorial. I can't find a contact anywhere so ..... can I ask here? Please say no, as this is a bit cheeky, could I use your tutorial for covering buttons on my blog? As part of my new job designing and managing a website for an online fabric and haberdashery store I have started a blog. I want some lovely tutorials and how tos on it so I can link to the products in the shop. The shop sells the same self-covering buttons used in your tutorial! although I handmake all my things I'm no good at tutorials!
    I would, of course, link to you with a sidebar badge etc.
    anyway - let me know - don't worry if the answer is no, as its a bit cheeky of me to ask.
    best wishes

  5. Bacon - my son would love this!

  6. I'm so glad that you enjoy the bacon machine!

    I thought there was something wrong with me the first thing that went through my mind when i saw the graffiti was "I must cross stitch that"

    There is another bacon machine project in the works right now, stay tuned!

    Left winged mama