April 23, 2010

Orange inspirations

Orange inspirations

I'm not sure about you, but I love orange. Just the right shade of orange makes me all kinds of happy. From creamsicle-colored, to oj, to tangerine, to burnt orange, to redhead, I can dig it.

Are you starting to get inspired? For something... interesting... that might happen... soon? ;)

1. embroidered car wip by doe-c-doe
2. Flapper girl - Handmade and embroidered felt brooch by Yalipaz
3. ABD_SS_CAMPOUT_FIRE by Amy Brinkman
4. Fish 2 by rachaellazenby
5. stitches unicorn by KarenInKnots
6. 3.26.10 by Katie Aaberg
7. hat or no hat? by mummysam
8. Queen of hearts brooch by Yalipaz
9. Eco Felt Sunshine Keychain Happy by lova revolutionary
10. Earrings by Pin Pals
11. Wombat button by sunnysidey
12. embroidered tree by weepereas


  1. All beautiful but I love that fish in particular!

  2. Orange is my favorite color!!!!! These are all lovely!

  3. I love the fox, who are we kidding I love ALL of it!

  4. please tell me a colour coded swap is in our future. I want more swap!

    mary frances/one flew too far

  5. Thank you! People simply do not appreciate orange enough. Fabulous artists!