April 27, 2010

Violet inspirations

Violet inspirations

Ah, violet. Or purple. Or lavender. Or lilac. Or plum. Or any shade in the purplish vicinity. I like it. And I used to hate purple. But somewhere along the line, sometime last year, I woke up and loved purple. It was weird. Any of you have a similar change of heart? Or have you always been purple people?

So, um, still thinking about your favorite color? Let's say you had to race in the Color Olympics, and you had to pick a color to run for... is purple your native land? Would you proudly race for purple? ;)

Enjoy the purpl-y loveliness, as seen in our Flickr pool, brought to you by the peeps below:
1. lilac colored threads and wip by Ravenhill Designs
2. Floral hand embroidered brooch or scarf pin by hareanddrum
3. President Taft by Amanda Jean
4. detail by Veronica TM
5. Purple Embroidery Tree by kayla coo
6. I love you two cushion in violet by -syko-
7. peacock detail by soraia_bejinhos
8. White Flower Purple Pincushion by TheBlueDaisy
9. purple by raspberryfairy
10. felt brooch by Erratic Needle
11. TAST 7 Rope Stitch by konnykards
12. jack-in-the-pulpit stitch by crazybutcute

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  1. Thats crazy....I used to Hate purple as well and the exact same thing happened t me, sometime last year I liked it and have even purchased clothes with purple in them!

  2. oh lovely lovely LOVELY - i do like a bit of purple! i love this series of posts very inspiring indeed :o)

  3. Don't forget aubergine, eggplant and perrywinkle. I am a floral designer and lately every design has been based on some hue of purple. I love spring for all it's beautiful purple hued flowers. I'm not much of a purple person in my personal life, but some of my favorite sweaters have been purple.

  4. I used to despise purple until I had a daughter :)
    what pretties!

  5. I was the exact same way! I used to HATE purple and slowly over the last year or so, I've come to actually kind of love it. I'm still not huge fan of the lilac color, but I just LOVE the deep purples and the plums! Too weird...

  6. Purple is my absolute favorite! I'm a newbie embroider and haven't done much embroidery in purple hues, but it is such a deep, juicy color.

  7. Hello,
    Many thanks for including my purple tree.
    Purple is a colour I use frequently...one of my earliest memories, is pale purple walls and a patterned purple blanket I had in my bedroom, as a very small child.

  8. Purple has always been my fave! Purple is my native land haha!

  9. thank you for putting one of my pictures into your inspiration post!

    i think it's funny to hear that people hated purple before and now love it. i was totally a pink girl, but now i have no pink clothes and lots of purple!