April 28, 2010

Pink inspirations

Pink inspirations

What's that I hear out there? No pink in the rainbow? Well, pink's in MY rainbow, that's for danged sure! As evidence, look at those pinks up above. Salmon pink. Pale petal-pink. Carnation. Rose. Fuschia. Coral. Magenta. I challenge you not to heart the pink.

So, have you put together any clues yet? Rainbows? Favorite colors? Conte- I mean, hmmm? :)

Heart the following pinks, by the great crafters below:
1. Berries close - up by apple & eve
2. Pink curlicues by Carina
3. Pink Tulip details by thejoysofjess
4. Safflower Pink by barefootshepherdess
5. Pink flower close up by barefootshepherdess
6. ELECTRIC PINK felt coaster by VitaminJ_Singapore
7. Chihuahua on bowling shirt by sew alex
8. knotty brooch - pinks by One Little House
9. 69 by tishous
10. Happy Easter Bunny by allaboutthebuttons
11. serotonin by Girl Incognito
12. TAST 07 - 5 Chevron Stitch by konnykards


  1. Oi coração,bom dia.
    Lindos bordados.Obrigado pelos links.

  2. Since I'm a long-time reader, and this is my most favorite blog, I sort of freaked out a little that my embroidery made an appearance. I'm not worthy! But thanks for making my day :)

  3. Tishous, you are worthy! We love you! :)

  4. I usually like to pick a favorite from your wonderful mosaics, but this time I simply love them ALL!

    Adulthood has brought me a new appreciation for pink. You definitely picked the best of what it can be.

  5. I love what you have been dong with the color inspirations! :) Keep up the awesome work!!!!! :)

  6. Those are so pretty! I'm loving pink this year -- and lime. Thanks for the beautiful work!


  7. thank you so much for including my knotty brooch! i am such an amateur, i feel very flattered :))