April 7, 2010

Stitch School: Embroidery 101

Photo by Amy Cluck

Amy started a great series on her blog called Stitch School that takes you through the basics of embroidery. I'm really loving Lesson 2: Patterns and Transfer Techniques because she's included tons of colorful, helpful pictures and she gives a great overview of just about every transfer technique there is.

Go have a look! And thanks, Amy, for this helpful intro!


  1. Wow! Love this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hooray! Thanks for featuring this!

  3. Where can I find that pink material?

  4. A very helpful link! Thanks.

  5. Great tutorials but don't forget the original Stitch School, the one that's linked here at Feeling Stitchy in the sidebar. Janet from Primrose Design has been doing an embroidery series for years on her blog and has now moved the posts to their own blog called Stitch School. I couldn't have learned how to do a french knot without her post!