June 12, 2008

As seen on the Web...

I love the look of spider webs on embroidery pieces. Crazy quilting often includes at least one in all the other wonderful stitches. Different spiders spin different type of webs, but really, I don't think any one is looking for scientific accuracy when including one in their art. I always hesitate about how many legs the spider really has, and I suspect, I have often stitched one too many, or one too less........this particular embroidery is done by lasassone.

Lassone says the web was made with Kreinik 105 cord and spider with one strand of white silk floss.

Spiderwebs and Embroidery
1. Roomy block close up
2. Scarey Spider lives here
3. Center TIF- February block
4. Hussif
5. spider web
6. wet spider web
7. spider web brooch
8. spider web
9.spider web

(Alright, I tried the mosaic thing, but I ended up doing it manually, so, that is why it is the way it is. Cut and paste isn't always what its supposed to be, I guess......)

This is more of lasassone's work from Flickr. I posted pictures of real spider webs for inspiration. I have a Halloween piece that I do quite frequently and use various different spider web designs. I thought I would find more spider webs while searching Flickr, but surprised at how few. Hope this inspires you to try a few......

From Japanese Freehand Embroidery Book:

**I added these because I got interrupted by a bad storm last nite. I wanted to include this spider web as I thought it unusual. Hope you like it. **


  1. Inspiring! I had never seen embroidered cobwebs before and now I need to make them on every piece of fabric I can find!

  2. I read your blog every day and I want to thank you for featuring my work today. I love doing spiders and their webs on my crazyquilt work and try to make each one a bit different from the others.

  3. I can't seem to edit my comment and I forgot to add that even my blog's header contains a spider & his/her web. My blog is www.gettingtocrazy.blogspot.com

  4. I'd never thought about embroidered spider webs. They are simply beautiful... wow! Thank you for sharing them. :)


  5. Beautiful! I love the spider web theme!

  6. Loved the spiderweb theme. Thank-you for showing us. I will have to include them in my stitching.

  7. Great post! Although I really, really don't like spiders, yuck! ;-)

    I have that embroidery book and it is one of my prized possessions, so much inspiration in it; not just for spider-y things! :-)