August 28, 2013

Holiday stitches

Olá! I'm working on a new pattern that I've already talked about some weeks ago.

While enjoying some days off I've begun my stitching... Soon it will be finished and I'll show you the final result. My younger daughter is counting the days for me to finish it... She will be wearing the blouse...

Fiancé Kerchiefs patterns


During those nice days, every time I took the blouse in my hands I knew that someone would ask: "do you never rest???"

I thought that embroidering was one of the best ways to get rest, but it seems that not everyone thinks the same way!!!

August 25, 2013

Patterns: Bee Happy

How cheerful is this new embroidery pattern from Cherry & Cinnamon? I think you could not fail to 'bee happy' stitching this!

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August 22, 2013

Embroidery and Portuguese art

Olá! This morning I waited almost two hours to visit the exhibition of Joana Vasconcelos, one of the most creative contemporaneous Portuguese artists. And I have to say that every detail was worth the wait.

Her exhibitions have the particularity of interacting with the spaces in a very special way. Last year she was the first woman and young artist to see her creations exhibited in Versailles (Paris) and that exhibition ended being the most visited in the last 50 years in Paris. Follow this link and you'll find incredibly beautiful images of how her work fits each place in such a marvelous scenario as Versailles.

But today I visited her work in Portugal! In a Royal Palace - Palácio Nacional da Ajuda, where we could confront the "Royal Life" of some of Portuguese last kings and queens with the irreverence and creativity of a contemporaneous artist - it's an incredible experience so different from an exhibition in a gallery...

One of the other characteristics of her work is the special way how she mixes different Portuguese materials and techniques. Each detail of these pieces are full of meaning to the Portuguese people and make us very proud of our culture - what is not so common among us, I have to say...

One of the most popular works are those made of ceramics and crochet, two very traditional Portuguese crafts.  And also the traditional Portuguese hearts, from Minho region, present in our embroidery and jewelry, and reinvented by her using plastic cutlery.

But today I bring you some photos of the "Royal Valkyrie". I've already talked about another Valkyrie, while presenting Nisa Embroiderers. Part of this sculpture was made by women from Nisa, using their talent in appliqué embroidery - one of the traditional techniques from this region.

It's impossible to explain the impact of this sculpture and any photo will not be able to show it...  Here you'll find a video and some better photos, but still it is so different to be there...


Royal Valkyrie - general view
Royal Valkyrie - Nisa appliqué embroidery
Royal Valkyrie- Joana Vasconcelos
Royal Valkyrie - three pieces of Nisa's embroidery
Royal Valkyrie - Joana Vasconcelos
Royal Valkyrie - detail of the work of women from Nisa.
I hope you've liked it!

August 18, 2013

Patterns: Mini Folk Letters

What Delilah Folk Letter

What Delilah Folk Letter stitched by Laura Mason

I've admired What Delilah Did's work forever (have you seen her new book? it's brilliant!), I particularly like her large letters, which look like they'd take ages to stitch. So good news for the short on time / less experienced cross stitcher, Sophie from What Delilah Did has now released a series of smaller letters, yay! I think these would make great quick(ish) personalised gifts, for you know, that holiday season beginning with C that's getting just that little bit closer ......

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August 14, 2013

Crazy Dog Lady

Crazy Dog Lady 8-5-2013

This super cute hoop hits a little too close to home. It's like ~glenda snapped a picture of my life and stitched it up.  Okay, not really, but it's pretty dang close! Love the lettering!

August 13, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, everyone! It's back-to-school time for some us, and I thought an embroidered pencil case would be just the thing to kick the new school year off right. If it isn't back-to-school time for you, perhaps you might need a new pencil case for sketching or drawing. Either way, today's tutorial features a pattern from Aneela Hoey's book, Little Stitches, that I think you'll enjoy.

To make this pencil case, you'll need:

- two pieces of exterior fabric in 6x10-inches
- two pieces of laminated cotton or oilcloth in 6x10-inches (I found it here)
- one 9-inch zipper
- embroidery supplies
- pins
- sewing machine 
- scissors
- iron and ironing board

Step One: Transfer your pattern to one piece of the exterior fabric and stitch. I thought the bugs and snail in a jar pattern from Little Stitches was adorable for back-to-school, but Jenny Hart's Sexy Librarians pattern over at Sublime Stitching would look awesome, as well.

Step Two: Place the zipper face down on the right side of the exterior piece, with the furthest zipper edge at the top of the exterior, as shown in the photo below. Place the laminated cotton right side down, over that and pin in place. Using a zipper foot on your sewing machine, stitch through the fabric and zipper tape.

Step Three: Unfold the fabric to expose the other side of the zipper tape, and place this face down on the right side of the other exterior fabric piece. The zipper pull will now be on the opposite side from the piece you just sewed. Place the second piece of laminated cotton right side down over this, pin in place, and sew using a zipper foot, as you did in step two.

When you unfold the fabric with the zipper at the center, it should look like this.

Step Four: Press the exterior fabric near the zipper to create a neat fold and crease. Do not press the laminated fabric, as it could melt. You want to make sure your fabric doesn't get caught in the zipper teeth. Top stitch on either side of the zipper about 1/4-inch away from the zipper to reinforce.

Step Five: Open your zipper to the halfway mark. This keeps the zipper handle out of the way while sewing, and allows you to turn the bag right-side out later. Open up the fabric so that the right sides of the exterior are face-to-face, same for the lining. Pin them in place, marking a 2-inch space in the lining that will remain unsewn. This will be used to turn the bag. Sew a 1/2-inch seam around the entire bag.

Step Six: Square off the corners of the bag by pressing the corner seams flat against one another to create a triangle. Mark 1-inch from the top point and sew a straight line across the bottom edge of this triangle. Clip the excess fabric and repeat for each corner of the lining and exterior.

Step Seven: Using the 2-inch opening in the lining, carefully pull the bag through so it is right side out. Top stitch this space shut, by hand or machine. 

Step Eight: Add your pens and pencils to the bag, and you are ready for a new year of writing, sketching,  and doodling.

Hope you enjoy and have a happy Tuesday!

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August 11, 2013

Patterns: Butterfly

butterfly hoopart3

Stitched by aimee d

Aimee d has stitched this lovely pattern which is part of a set by Urban Threads called Miniature Menagerie. I love how it feels like an old scientific illustration. There's also a free quilt design to go with the set.

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August 7, 2013

Craftster is Turning 10!

Hello from Craftster land! So much has been happening on Craftster that it is hard to keep up! 

First, Craftster is turning 10! I can't believe that it has been that long! What better way to celebrate then to have a little crafty challenge. You can check out all the details on There are some amazing prizes! Entries are due between August 7th and the 13th. 

If you are new to Craftster, we have some fun for you too! We have just started a Newbie Craftalong. You can go over, introduce yourself and join in the fun! Who knows, you might learn a new craft or meet your best friend. 

Now on to the Hoopla Along! The theme for June was summer. We had so many wonderful entries! 
Beautiful stitching from: Mandobug, kittykill, alwaysinmyroom, pottermouth, lindyV321, silentblair, deathbeforedishes, wreckstangle

July's theme was your favorite word, quote, saying. I didn't think the entries could get any better but they did!

Big thanks to: mandobug, amigurl55, bushbaby, alwaysinmyroom, pottermouth, lindyV321, silentblair, deathbeforedishes

The theme for August is 10. It could be 10 of anything! Colors, numbers, hoops, it is totally up to you! 

Whew! Are you tired now? I am! I'm ready for a cup of tea and some peaceful stitching time! Have a great week! 

August 5, 2013


We have a winner, guys! The random generator spoke and Stitched Gifts: 25 Sweet and Simple Embroidery Projects for Every Occasion by Jessica Marquez is going to:

Christine W 
I love the nursery alphabet! So cute, but not too cutesy - my favorite kind of baby decor! I would probably give it to my niece...she'll be one in November.

Christine is also going to receive a lovely embroidery kit from Jessica's shop. Thank you to everyone who left a comment, and thank you especially to Jessica Marquez for sharing her wonderful book and kit with us!

Have a great week guys!

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August 4, 2013

Patterns: Wizard of Oz Poppies

Wizard of Oz Poppies - New Pattern

Little Dorrit and Co have been recently looking at literary flowers and they've recently released a Wizard of Oz Poppies set. Check out their blog post for more Wizard of Oz poppy goodness! I think this poppy in particular would look good on so many things!

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August 2, 2013

Reginalds in progress, part 2

MidSummer Stitch Along Feeling Stitchy
Stitched by Rose

The Midsummer Stitchalong is really inspiring some beautiful stitching! Look at the sweet, vibrant colors on this Reginald by Rose. Gorgeous!

Feeling Stitchy Midsummer Stitchalong - Reginald the flower pirate
Stitched by Sandy

Or how about this lovely Reginald, stitched on vibrant, imaginative fabric, in pretty shades of browns and pinks. Beautiful work, Sandy!

How many of you have a Reginald in progress? Don't forget to share him - we'll be stitching Reginalds through the end of summer, so there's still plenty of time to get stitching! To find the pattern, visit the Midsummer Stitchalong post.

Hi, I'm floresita, editor of Feeling Stitchy. I'm an avid stitcher, knitter, and crafter. You can see more of my stitching on Instagram and my blog. My vintage transfer collection is on Vintage Transfer Finds.

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August 1, 2013

Still the fiancé kerchiefs...

Olá! This week I'll be brief... Only to show you two more images of fiancé kerchiefs inspirations...

The first one is a framed fiancé kerchief. It is monochromatic what is not so usual... The same embroiderer from last week.  It is very common that these kerchiefs have some embroidered messages. A long time ago they were embroidered by girls that often did not know how to read or write...  But they were in love and still they wanted their beloved to know that... So it is very usual, and now a tradition, these kerchiefs being full of misspelled words (in Portuguese: erros ortográficos)... Sweetly naif... That's what happens with this kerchief... Nowadays being able to write with this naif mistakes is almost an art and this one is a very sweet example.

Embroidered by Maria Alice

In correct Portuguese it should be: Há-de a nossa amizade acabar quando esta pomba voar. Instead we read: Hade a nossa amizade acabar cando esta pomba boar...
In a very, very free translation and adaptation... "Will our friendship end when this dove fly" With some misspelled words... "Wil our friendship end wen this dove flie"... I confess I don't know the most "popular" English misspellings... I believe all languages have them :)

New embroidery pattern inspired by Portuguese traditional fiancé kerchiefs embroidery
Work in Progress...

This other photo shows the work I have in hands... I've finished the patterns inspired by Portuguese Fiancé Kerchiefs that I was working on and they will be available soon... I'm happy with them. I had the help from a very talented friend!!! I used the motifs to decorate a child blouse. As soon as it is ready I'll show it again. I'll keep my promise!!