September 22, 2008

More Fall Embroideries

Inspired by the last post and the fact that it's the first day of Autumn (I'm a little early posting since I usually post on Tuesdays, but I was excited by what I found...) here are even more beautiful Fall inspired pieces from the Flickr Embroidery Pool! Happy Autumn!

1. Autumn Bag Embroidery, 2. Untitled, 3. Acorn Fairy, 4. Pumpkin Buttons, 5. acorn towel, 6. Purse for Children's Dramatic Play or Treasure Collecting, 7. embroidered pumpkin, 8. cuties, 9. Falling Leaf Placemats, 10. fall flower pincushion, 11. fall forest baby, 12. fall market bag 2, 13. fall_buttons, 14. mice: the acorn fairy stitchette, 15. IMG_0545, 16. Acorn Stump Embroidery


  1. I just finished a quilt and was wondering whether to start another until I saw your post. I'm now digging through my floss and scraps and will be happily stitching for the next month. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. lovely! And thanks for including my baby :-)

  3. I just found your blog and flicr site from a comment that someone left on my Autumn Hearts picture that is included in your mosaic. I LOVE the site and am tickled to be included. Now I must go stitch!!

  4. just found your blog by doing a search for embroidery as art blogs. lots of wonderful stuff here--i'm linking to you on my blog: Rich Interior World -- and i'll be back!

  5. There's an award floating around called the "I *love* your blog" award and I nominated you. It's basically a tagging thing, but you were my in my top seven favorite blogs. If you want to see you can go to my blog:

    Again - love your blog & thanks for the daily inspiration!