July 28, 2011

Dala Horse crafty fun!

Dala Horse Craftalong
Do you love that Swedish icon the wooden Dala horse? If you do - or know someone who does - you should join this craftalong which I'm co-hosting! You know, if you're not too busy with the stitchalong here on Flickr! Although, the Dala Horse Craftalong isn't just for stitching - make anything you fancy!

We started the Dala Horse Craftalong on Monday and it continues for a month! So you've got time to join in! You can make pretty much anything as long as it features a Dala horse or is inspired by it.

Some of us have already started projects and have listed suggestions for things to make, like a softie, an embroidery pattern etc. We're also lucky that one of the co-hosts is from Sweden and she recently visited the place where they make the actual wooden Dala horses!

Here are links to the first post about the craftalong by myself and each of my co-hosts:
iHanna, Carina's Craftblog (hey, that's meee!), Gingerbread Snowflakes and The Pickled Herring.

Do check it out and join in on the fun - there's a Flickr group you can join and share what you make!

Oh and if you do join along, do check out my blog post up there, it's got buttons in different sizes which you can put on your blogs etc. :-)


  1. This sounds wonderful. I have 2 wooden Dala horses from an exchange trip in 6th form

  2. the dalahäst is one of my favorite forms of folk art. (second only to that delicious birthday cake my swedish friend makes... birthday cakes are art!)

  3. Yes! I love Dala Horses (equally with Rosemaling, I'm from MN gotta keep all the Scandinavian grandparents happy). I've been too busy to do any of the Stitchalongs after February's and I'm sick of missing out!

  4. How great! I'm currently stitching my own dalahäst for a block of a redwork quilt I want to give my mother as christmas present. If that's not fate I don't know what is.

    I'm super excited about the craftalong and will certainly participate.

  5. I have my grandmother's collection of Dala Roosters - may have to do them....

  6. Ooh, I love projects inspired by culture! Really looking forward to diving into this one.